1234054_573776899324693_447006808_nI am asking myself WHY this is happening now, of all the weeks in my life the universe has decided to throw me in the deep end and told me to SWIM.

We are in the last few days of the election process here in Australia and to be honest I am dog tired. Its been a three-year haul to get to this point and its out of my hands now. During the lead up to this Saturday there has been so much negative crap and it has really put a big dent in my armor. For those of you in the USA we hold out Elections on Saturday,we have an almost 95 to 98% turn out for voting. There is a 50.00 fine if you do not vote. It has been a hard three-year journey that has had its ups and downs. Being an American in Australia, its been interesting to be exposed to so many thing that I would not get to do in the USA. Here you have a lot of access to those who represent you in Parliament. You can actually have a sit down conservation about the issues of the day. I am confident that the person I have been working for will return, I won’t name who it is, my close mates know who it is. It has been a wild ride, full of ups and downs and so much learning. Have great new friends. To be honest, I am tired and glad things are coming to an end, mind you Pj and I have loved it but its time for a holiday.

My final week of race prep week will be long and busy. Four Days of solid hard training then that is it, I can’t do any more. I got reminded by my former Coach, Helen that I am a trained athlete and that my body will coach itself. It knows what to do and I just need to let it happen. It is only a 6 kilometer race for me BUT, there is a lot of emotions and things attached to it this year especially.

I have had to put almost all my writing for now. It is the one thing that I love more than anything and I just do not have the time for what I am passionate about. I am also a knitter and I have not had any time to sit down, just for me and do what relaxes me, I am just too bloody tired.

Well, as I say its time to strap the Nike’s on and get a move on. It is survival of the fittest here and when you go it alone….you either survive or die trying.