20130916_112029Another year and another 6 kilometer Adelaide City to Bay is in the record books.

In May of this year when I suffered the collapsed lung, I really wondered if I would make the race this year. It was the one goal I wanted more than anything. I spent 6 very frustrated weeks, recuperating and waiting, wondering if the doctor would sign off and allow me to go for it.  I finally got the all clear after the Six week check up. The biggest thing was I had to go back and start from the beginning. Retrain my body and mind to do this. That would be the biggest challenge, to have to start from the beginning.

First thing I needed to do was to have a chat with my daughter Alisha who is a respiratory therapist. She gave me guidance about my breathing and what exercises to do. Making sure that I use my puffers in the correct way and not to over do it.

Next was talking things over with Pj about how to break the distance down to not over doing it. It was starting over and going at it a half a kilometer at a time. As much as I wanted to push and do more I just couldn’t . It was a slow pace starting out and without trying I was still doing a 12:00 kilometer. Also in chats with Dan, who looked after my times and all was in total agreement with Pj. It needed to be slow and work back up.

As time went on, the distance got better and the time was pretty good, but I had one secret that I had not shared with anyone. I wanted to do a personal best of 1 hour 10 minutes. I knew that would be a huge goal but I wondered if I could really do it. I had a chat with my brother Tim and he did the maths for me to give me what the times needed to be. About two weeks ago, I told Dan and Pj what I wanted to accomplish. They both said that I needed to be mindful that I might now make it. Just crossing the finish line was the most important thing of all. The very first race three years ago I set myself a goal of 1 hour 30 minutes, finishing in 1 hour 15 minutes. Last years time was roughly the same. Taking five minutes off, I did not think was out of the question, well….1 hour 7 minutes was my recorded time yesterday and I am just over the moon on that.

Yesterday could not of gone better, everything fell into place and I could not of ask for a better day. I am sore tonight with a minor back issue but I think that will take care of itself over the next few days. I am taking some well deserved time off to just rest and get some personal issues taken care of that have been on hold for a while.

There are some people I need to say a BIG THANK YOU to :

Pj – I love you and thank you for taking care of me. Being at the finish line for that end of race picture that is now a yearly ritual.

Dan – THANK YOU, for being my Coach and all that goes with it. Your guidance, and encouragement means so much. We were not sure you would be there yesterday after your surgery but I felt more secure with you being in my ear piece. Big hugs and much love.

Chicago White Sox Sorority Sisters – THANK YOU for your love and support, You guys are just amazing, Dawn for getting my hat to me to wear yesterday. I would rub it for luck and felt like I had all of you with me.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and I challenge all of you to give it a go, Get up and get moving.

See you at the start line, September of 2014