A_29_12117_11028_A_1  I can finally write this post to share some things about what has happened the last 18 months.

It is called the Federal election.OK, I hear you WHY are you writing about this now its all over, It is because I can finally talk about things. It has been an emotional road but mental and physical and tonight as I try to make some sense of all this I am spent.

We live in Elizabeth South which is a suburb of Adelaide, at the end of our road is Holden‘s Car plant. Nick Champion is our member for Wakefield. Pj ask me a couple of years ago what I wanted for my birthday one year and I told him it was to meet Nick. This would have been before the 2010 Election. I was really blown away by the access that we have to those who are serving. We can sit down and have a good chat about issues and all. Nick is tough, hard-working and will get in there and roll up his sleeves and get to work. He is not afraid of a hard fight and he gets stuck into it. We have talked to Nick about many issues and he has given us guidance in how to solve the issue, if he could not solve things he made sure we had a direction to go.

Nick has grown heaps since we have first met him. He stands up in Question Time, asking relevant questions in relation to our area. He has even gotten himself tossed for an hour due to the good old 94 A. (94 A is a code of conduct for House of Reps. Unruly conduct, constant interjections and name calling could earn yourself removal from the house)   Pj and I both knew more and more it was the right thing to do, working for Nick to get him re-elected. There are many local issues that Nick is really behind and that has to be finished. Nick is tipped for a shadow minister folder and we think its time. This is his third election and it is time he is rewarded for the hard work. When the original,first challenge took place, Nick resigned from being a Parliamentary Secretary, to give his support to Kevin Rudd and he also stood for what he believed in. That in my book says heaps,giving up something to make a stand for what you truly believe in.

Why did I tell you all that, so that I can tell you THIS…………………………

Pj and I put our heart and soul into something that we believe in. That we stood up and gave our support for the person who is our voice in Canberra. It has been interesting to watch things unfold, and to find our place in everything. The biggest thing that Pj has taught me is to stand up and do not be afraid to talk about what I believe in, that working hard to make my corner of the world  better place is worth it.

This was an 18 month road of putting in my heart and soul to getting Nick re-elected. I was asked by a reporter what it was I liked about Nick and that is a simple answer. “Nick is NOT afraid of hard work, of rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in there, working hard to get the job done.

That is what Pj and I have done for the last 18 months, rolled up our sleeves, put our hearts and souls on the line to get Nick over the line. On Saturday night we got rewarded with him being elected to his THIRD term.

Congratulations Nick