OK, I can see you scratching your head going, WHAT??? Let me explain and you will have a better understanding of what it means.

On October 1, 2000 I stepped foot on Australian soil for the very first time. It was during the Sydney Olympics and the airport was full of people departing for home. All I was doing was trying to get to Adelaide.People always ask me where in the states am I from. My daughter sent me the best description today on Face Book:

Here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Ohio…If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you may live in Ohio. If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don’t even work there, you may live in Ohio. If you’ve worn shorts and a jacket at the same time, you may live in Ohio. If you’ve had a lengthy telephone …conversation with someone who dialed a wrong… number, you may live in Ohio. If “vacation” means going anywhere south of Dayton for the weekend, you may live in Ohio. If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Ohio. If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Ohio. If you have switched from ‘heat’ to ‘A/C’ in the same day and back again, you may live in Ohio. If you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching, you may live in Ohio. If you install
security lights on your house and garage, but leave both doors unlocked, you may live in Ohio. If you carry jumpers in your car and your wife knows how to use them, you may live in Ohio. If you design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit, you may live in Ohio. If the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph you’re going 80 and everybody is passing you, you may live in Ohio. If driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow, you may live in Ohio. If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction, you may live in Ohio. If you have more miles on your snow blower than your car, you may live in Ohio. If you find 10 degrees “a little chilly”, you may live in Ohio. If you actually understand these jokes, show this so all of your Ohio friends and others can see,you definitely do live – or have lived – in OHIO! 

That pretty well describes it in a nut shell. I come from a place where at a young age I was taught about tradition and respect, to understand what it is like to give your heart and soul for one of the most important things in your life time……FOOTBALL. American Gridiron. More importantly The Ohio State Buckeyes. Anyone from Ohio will know that each fall is the most important time. I miss gridiron but have come to love also, Australian Rules football and the Adelaide Crows.

I have learned to shop at a butcher asking for a kilo, NOT a pound, when I go to the craft store its a meter of material, NOT a yard. Kilometers and not miles. It is more laid back here, I have learned not to totally stress out over stuff. Things do not get lost here, for example on Veteran’s Day, November 11 in the states here it is called Remembrance day. At 11 o’clock, everything comes to a complete halt, no matter where you are and “Last Post” is played to honor those who have fallen, serving our country. The Men and Women here are honored for their service.  On ANZAC day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps), we were to a service at St.Peter’s Cathedral, as we left the service there was a group of officers from different branches chatting and I went over to them, fighting back the tears, I held my hand out to each one of them and said “THANK YOU”. How many of you have taken the time to stop someone in uniform and say Thanks? It is a very humble experience and it taught me how important those people really are.

I have gone to Parliament House in Canberra and seen our government at work, I have worked for our local sitting member and helped him to win an election. I have been to see the Sydney Opera house and been there for New Year’s Eve, rode across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is a beautiful country and I still have much to explore. I have an amazing writing career and am a proud member of the Chicago White Sox Sorority

I also miss Ohio, the change of the leaves in the fall, that final Saturday in November, I miss my Mum’s cooking at Christmas. I have grandbabies to meet.

I love Australia, but I also love Ohio, October 1 each year I am so grateful for the journey that brought me here, that I am safe and happy, It was a day that changed everything but I am a much better person now then I was then and all I can do is get better with time.

Happy Anniversary to me