20130818_122145As the Cathedral Art show opens in a few hours, it has me thinking about how much can happen in a year. Life has giving us some interesting sides roads to travel down of late.

When Sara had left, the community was at a loss, no one saw her departure coming but it was something that she had to do for HER. It was a loss for the community but God had things in store for us and would guide us on this journey. Father Mark was to take over and keep things together and moving forward. Mark was the one who, kept us going and even though we were dealing with the departure  of Sara, he was able to help find that focus and turn things positive and help us to see that we would be OK. It was going to take some time but we would make it.

Fast forward to a year ago: Father Frank and Christine arrived, and it was a wonderful event. Mixed in with the Art Show opening, it was an amazing weekend for lots of celebrating. It was the beginning of a new start of sorts. Getting to know this wonderful couple from New Zealand and seeing what God has in store for us. I will be the first to admit that I have not made the effort that I should to be more open especially with Frank. It takes me a lot of allow people in to what I call”the inner sanctum”.  I think that will be a goal this year, to be more open to trusting Frank and not be afraid to sit down for a chat more often.

The departure was a bit of a surprise but now that I have more information it is totally understandable. Father Mark who has been such a positive affect in my life. He is has helped me in more ways than I can ever put into words will be departing soon. He is like a little kid in a big person’s body. Having fun in life, but so full of wisdom and life experience. I love watching him with the little kids, he gets down on their level, makes sure they are included in what ever the event.

When Mark’s first wife passed away, it was tough on all of us, we all felt the loss, Mark somehow managed to help us deal with the loss, as he grieved for the wife, the best mate who had passed. I am not sure who looked after who during that time, it was more the fact that we took care of each other I think.

Mark has recently returned from his honeymoon and looks amazing, He and Sarah went to Europe for three months and had an amazing time.  He has shared with Pj and I some of the stories from their trip and I cant wait to see the pictures and hear more about it. We meet Mark up the hill from the Cathedral in North Adelaide at that place we don’t mention for some good food and conservation. I look forward to those times and hope that Mark will bring Sarah so we can get to know her better. Mark is retiring at Christmas time, his formal departure will be on the 27th of October. It will be a sad time but also A happy one, as Mark and Sarah will be able to travel and see more of the world, come home for a bit and go again. They will still call St.Peters home.

It is a time of mixed emotions in a lot of ways, Another amazing Art Show opening tonight and running through next weekend. Celebrating Frank and Christine’s first Anniversary but also letting go of Father Mark in a lot of ways, praying with him as he going through some minor hip surgery and hopefully returning in time for the Christmas Holidays.

I know that more changes are coming but we will get through this changing time. God will be there to see us through.