2013-09-29 12.43.03Hey Kids,

Finally settled back in from the road trip which was on the fly. The only downfall was it was too short but going to the event has given us some insight to planning and will go again. For those of you who have just joined us here or missed some entries, hubby Pj and I made a road trip to Canberra to Floriade.

The only real complaint about the drive from Pj is that we needed to stop a little longer. He has back issues from two accidents and there are times that he needs to rest a little longer when driving. We basically made coffee and got back in the car and got moving. The car ran amazing and we did great on mileage. He does a lot of pre trip checks on the car. Making sure to do a tune up, and give the light bulbs and everything a once over before we go. Even checking tire pressure to get the most out of the trip,this is the best the car has run. Right before we leave we make sure we can fill up  and add a bottle of  fuel injector cleaner.

Floriade was amazing and I loved all the colors and flowers. They used, violets, tulips and pansy as they are more hardy to the weather and will hold their color. The designs were really good and you needed to take the Ferris Wheel to see them better from the air. We had planned to stay for Night Fest but it got cold as the sun was going down and we were not prepared with a picnic blanket and supper for the evenings events. 2013-09-29 12.53.06

The dates for Floriade for 2014 are from Saturday the 13th of September to Sunday the 12th of October. Pj and I have discovered to go early on when the flowers are at their most colorful. If you want to stay for the evening events, take a picnic supper, picnic rug and some jumpers as the weather will cool off being near the river.

You can find more information about future Floriade events at the web site: http://www.floriadeaustralia.com/

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