nablopomo_november_smallWell Kids

I have decided along with some encouragement to take on the blog entry for each day in November. It is National NaBloPoMo month.

Basically by the end the month I should have enough material that I can have a ready book at my disposal. I have a ground of close friends that keep encouraging me to write a book but with all the sports work, it’s a little hard to have the time for the ups and downs or time needed for a book. It is on my Bucket List but I am not sure if it will ever get to cross that off the list.

I am living a life long dream, being a Writer. I love my sports and especially the Ohio State Buckeyes. I was raised during the era of Coach Woody Hayes. I learned about tradition, respect and supporting something no matter what is going on. Sure it was tough at times and there were times that I think we all gave up when the  rap hit the fan. I will admit I had one foot in being a fair weather fan but I learned quickly that would never work. I could hear my Dad in my head telling me that , I taught you better than that. Wake up to the facts. To this day I love my boys, I write about them and share my love of the Scarlet and Grey with my Twitter mates. I will share more of the Buckeyes with you during the month.

I started a blog called “A Season with the Chicago White Sox” as a challenge to myself. To get back to the other game I love, Baseball. It has been awhile since I had really got to see a game and boy has it changed. A group of us, supporting a mate who was terminal began to follow his favorite team which is the White Sox.  I have done heaps of reading and learned a lot of the background about the boys and the history. The blog was a challenge to myself, a few games a weeks One of my spring training blogs got picked up by a major sports website and the rest they say is history.

I get asked why I write, well there are lots of reasons, it’s an outlet, it’s a job. it’s a passion.  I tried working on a project but it was no end of headaches and frustrations. I always felt that  I was never good enough, that my writing was never going to meet the standards that others in the project had set. I left the project, got myself together and started working on my own, and I gained the confidence that was buried deep. I started writing and people started seeing things in the piece I was producing, I began to grow and keep stepping outside my comfort zone. That growing has helped to create the White Sox blog, A Buckeye Down Under, Cricket’s road through Wool Projects.

This is going to be an interesting month of a lot of unknown twists and turns and working with one of my best friends on some entries.

Well, here is the first post, Only 29 more to go