I_Love_You_Quotes_ps-i-love-you-noteOK, I admit it, I am a romantic, hopeless at that and I would give anything to find that romantic knight again.

Let me try to explain where I am coming from.

I am a self-sufficient girl who can hold her own with the boys, be a bit of a grease monkey when needed, loves her Buckeyes and her boys of summer the Chicago White Sox. I love a good BBQ but….

I have almost given up on romance. Due to personal events, the little things I use to look forward to , keep a hold of to keep my faith in love going are gone. I would give anything to get flowers just because, or be whisked away for surprise weekend away. I would give anything for a dinner at the beach or a lovely card, just because.

I would give anything to have brekky in bed or just be snuggled all night watching movies.

OK,OK I hear ya , she is getting way too sappy here…..Why is it so hard to understand I just want a little of what I see everyone else getting. I may be a tom boy at heart and writer sports for a living,but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love getting frocked up to go out to a romantic dinner.  I would love to have an evening at the movies with all the snacks and a romantic movie and just let the rest of the world go by for a couple of hours.

I adore the move called “P.S. I love you” It’s about a couple named Holly and Gerry, who are just starting out their life together when Gerry suddenly passes away from an illness and Holly loses the will to go on. Gerry has planned ahead and through a series of letters through the year after his passing Gerry takes Holly on a journey through her grief and to rediscover her life. He always ends the letter with “P.S I love you. Gerry helped Holly rediscover WHO she was and that she would be OK to love life again.

I would give anything to have a Gerry in my life. To share each day with and to just be silly, laugh at my stupid jokes but also to surprise me when I least expect it. I would love to come home and find my favorite flowers waiting at my door.

I know growing up we all wished for that Knight in shinning armor to ride in on a white horse and take us away and spoil us.

I grew up and my Knight is missing. I am beginning to wonder if I ever find my TRUE white night. When I think I have finally found him he falls off.

Maybe this romantic is doomed to wander through this life’s journey alone.