A lot of my friends know that I am a mad knitter, I learned from my Mum all the ins and out. When I learned to knit instead of sitting next to her I stood in front of her and what I saw was backwards so I learned to be a LEFT handed knitter, I am a rightie in all other aspects of life and this is the one thing that Mum hated if I needed help fixing an issue.

This is my very first gift for my Grand-daughter Elizabeth, I am hoping to get her brother Gabriel‘s rug finished and off to them by Christmas so I can watch them on Skype open them. Here is the catch up from my wool blog about this little journey.

Hey there

sorry its been so long since I have been with you. Life has kept me busy and not much time for anything else. I have managed to tick off another work in progress project. it has taken a bit but I am really happy that it’s finally done, It was a rug (afghan) for my grand-daughter Elizabeth. I used U.S number 8 (5.00) circular Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles. The colors U used matched the Nursery of the Jungle theme that my daughter Alisha had created. 20131104_131330

I started with Cable but I got board and had to change it up. I kept true to myself is trying new stitches and all. 20131104_131313