My_ArchitectThis was an original  piece that I published in June of last year but I think it is a good one to visit again. As we are heading for the holidays and all it’s a time to share and reflect on the past year but to also build for the New Year. Cinda is amazing and I love her work.


I would like to share with you about a mate of mine who I think has a unique outlook on things. She is a wife and mom but also a working woman who owns her own business. She is an architect and has a way of looking at things differently. Her Dad once told me that she always knew being an architect is what she wanted to do. Well, she has made that dream come true. I asked her once what was the one thing she likes most about being an architect and she told me “I love being able to walk through a space that I dreamed of, drew and built.” It got me thinking about how we create projects in our own life and how we go about building them in our own life.

Cinda will post pictures of one of her projects on Facebook, which always has me interested in watching it take shape. What starts out as a blank piece of paper is transferred from an empty piece of land. If the foundation is not set up correctly from the start; if something is off just by centimeters it can throw things off further in the project. I think that is the same in everyday life. If the foundation is not just right, from the beginning it could be months later before the problem starts to show itself. Why is it we don’t take the time at the beginning to get it right? Is it the excitement of it all, the newness of everything and not paying attention to detail?  Just taking the time to do just a little homework, checking that measurements are correct could save money and heartache down the road.

Cinda has chatted with me about what it’s like to walk into a space that was empty and see your dream of what you imagined coming to life before your eyes. What she spent hours sitting at her architect’s table creating becoming reality in front of her. I kind of have an understanding about that but to actually be able to see it take shape in front of your eyes is another. We all have dreams that we hope one day that we can watch grow and work on, be able to actually reach out and touch it as it takes place. I think she is lucky to be able to take the time and be nurturing to the dream to make sure that it takes shape. Here is a thought though “How many of us have taken the time to apply the same thinking to something we have done?” Do we wind up playing the “what if” game when it all falls apart? Do we actually take the time and go back to see what measurement was not done correctly to cause things to become slightly off.

As Cinda posts updated pictures you can see more of what has taken place. You see the walls taking place, electric lines going in, insulation going up, and all the things that are needed for a good strong house. I am the first to admit that I have not taken the time in the past to make sure those things are in place when starting out. Cinda has two little ones. They go to school but you can see that a good strong foundation is being built. She works on giving them the tools for those life lessons they are going to need down the road. My daughter is expecting her second child at the end of this year and it makes me just wonder again as I did when she was expecting her daughter Elizabeth, did I do enough to give her a good foundation that was strong and level, well insulated rooms and the knowledge for a little maintenance along the way as needed.

After a few weeks the next set of pictures has been added and you see the trim going up in the rooms, painting being done. Colors being added to rooms that used to be plain. I always did my best to give the girls choices from an early age. They might have been simple as to what shirt they wanted to wear or have for a snack but it was the best way I knew how to help the with that process. Even now I have been looking back over my life and looked at some of the choices I have made and am the first to admit I could have made better ones. I wish that I would have had someone to help me along the way to show me that I had more options than I realized.

The last series of pictures is the house finished, waiting for the new owners to move in. What started out on a piece of paper and an idea in Cinda’s mind is a finished place. All fresh and new waiting for life to move in and new foundations to be built. Watching the process that Cinda goes through in creating a space, watching the fruits of her labor come to life have reminded me about the life choices I have made. Wishing I had a better foundation built and given the tools for maintenance when those damaging times came along and I could fix what was needed. It’s just been over the last couple of years, that I wish I had someone to come in and help me with the maintenance of me. Done a little fix me up, help me clean out the gutters and pull some weeds.

I would like to thank Cinda for sharing what she does with me. I am always interested when she has a new project and puts up pictures to see how things are going. It’s a reminder to check on my foundation and make sure that everything is well measured out and well insulated, things are in balance and maintenance is done along the way.