2011-10-26 06.46.46-2I look forward to one thing on Monday morning. That is playing with my Grand-kids, Elizabeth and Gabriel on Skype. I know that is probably not much to a lot of you but when you live in Australia that is the world. It is an hour of silliness run amuck but I love every minute of it.

They are almost 2 and almost 1 and to get to see them each week and how they have grown always reminds me of when my own kids were that age and how much fun I had. Watching them learn new things and chatting with my daughter about her week.

Starting out it was hard to try to do things to get their attention and hope that next time I get to see them that they might remember me. That first time that Elizabeth’s face lit up when I said “Hi” was pure magic. I got a tweet from Alisha one day asking if I could Skype and of course I said “YES”. The call connected and there was Elizabeth grinning from ear to ear and waving at me. I ask Lisha what was going on and she told me that Elizabeth kept patting the top of her laptop and saying”Na Ma”. It took a few for her to figure out what she meant.

Getting to see Gabriel is good, he so looks like his Dad. I taught him to wave and he is working on blowing kisses. He starts waving as soon as I come on the screen, and I love hearing him laugh, both of them, it’s the best sound in the world. I can even daggy Grandma dance and no one cares. hehe

I can’t wait til I get to see them in person and can give them cuddles and just spoil them rotten.

I am knitting and crocheting blankets for them and I can’t wait to get them off in the post to them, they will finally have a piece of me with them. That is what I love most about knitting and crocheting, my parents made my daughters gifts when they little and the girls still have those gifts today to pass on.

Hurry up Monday so I can see my grand babies again, I need to daggy grandma dance.