283881_248029605218243_5090285_nI get ask this question a lot and at first I knew the answer, but years later I have discovered I have a different answer. Starting out I would just write about my life and the unique events of the day and all. When it was time to start considering what I wanted to do in life, I knew it was to be a writer, I chose my degree as Journalistic Communications from Ohio State. It was the only college I wanted to attend. I was not sure what I would do with the degree, television or print but I knew that was it.

For some reason the writing stopped as I got married and had my girls. Life just got on and I did not really stop to take are of me, I was in Mom mode and everyone else came first. my love of sports never stopped and neither did my knitting or crocheting.

Years later and life changes, I found myself remarried and in Australia. Learning to love life again and finding my way in a new country the writing bug started to return. When Pj had his accident and I was spending a lot of hours on my own, I needed something to be able to express my feelings and to help myself deal with the hand I had been dealt. It was good therapy and I was finding that I still loved it and I was good at it. It was something that was all mine. I was not someone’s wife or daughter or sister. I had finally found my identity.

Fast forward to today, and in my wildest dreams I never imagined that I would be doing the one thing that I love the most. Watching sports and writing about the two games I love the most. Baseball and Football (American gridiron). People turn on the morning breakfast show, I turn on Sports Center. I grew up following the Ohio Baseball teams (Indians and Reds) but due to a personal journey my heart now belongs to the Chicago White Sox. I know players first names, following on Twitter and can write a game blog in Hawk-isms. My Ohio State blog started because I could not actually see the games on the television or the computer but now with ESPN, I can see you beloved Buckeyes each week, also following the nerve-racking polls on each Monday morning.

To work in Social Media you must have a strong base and be willing to put your self out there and be accepting of what feedback you get. There are times that I don’t get anything back from a piece I wrote and it has taken a long time to be able to be OK with that. Then sometimes when I do not think the piece is very good I get amazing stuff back. That is what I consider my pay for this job. Knowledge is power and I feel that to be noticed and be read I had better know what I am talking about.

I love what I do and I have a readership out there and I THANK YOU for your support on this journey. I give you my thoughts and views from my little window here in Australia.

How is the view from your window?