20120622_183501I love it when someone throws down the gauntlet  to me and today it was my daughter in Vermont. They have had a cold snap and she is in need of scarfs and mittens for her and the kids. I love my girls and they know that I will do anything for them within my power and this one of them. I have never made mittens but there is always a first for that.

The order on the scarfs is long wide and fuzzy. Thinking off the top of my head I have plenty fuzzy wool that is waiting for a scarf. This is OK, because I have plenty of stash and have been wondering about getting a dent made it in and this will do it.

When my Mum taught me to knit, I stood in front of her instead of sitting next to her so I am a left-handed knitter. A couple of years ago I spent 6 weeks in a cast because I had knitted so much that I strained my thumb and tendon muscles so much that I actually snapped them off the bone. I had to teach myself to knit without straining those muscles. As Pj told me no more marathon days of knitting and now it’s just a couple of hours at a time at the most.

Watching Mum knit, it was like she was putting some of her into each project she made. I know the hours and the love that goes in to what is being created and my daughter understands that also. It is giving her a part of me and something that the grandbabies can have til I get there for lots of Grandma cuddles and silliness.

Don’t worry if you see smoke coming from my direction, it’s just my knitting needles shifting into over drive.