My close mate Dan is so cool and a very smart dude. I wanted to tell his story for one particular reason. He had emergency by-pass surgery this past August. There was no real warnings, no family history and it was a real short when the diagnosis came.

All I wanted to do was to share his story in hope of maybe just reaching one person who may be having trouble and not gone to get checked. Dan has been very active all his life, running 1/2 marathons and hiking.

The angel in all of this is Dan’s mate John who is a retired cardiologist, was with Dan as they were playing Bridge the afternoon that things started happening. John made the necessary calls to get Dan in the hospital and may of even helped to move things alone quicker.

If I could tell John anything it would be “Thank You”, for being there for Dan and looking after him through this process.

It was really hard to look at the pictures of Dan, post surgery because it really brought home how much trouble he was in and that we need to really pay attention to our health and what our body is telling us.

I have included the latest entry in the blog but I hope that you will take the time to have a look around, if someone you know is having similar symptoms that you will encourage them to get checked out, before it is too late.