1454682_10151991383949044_965922374_nAs November comes to a close I did not make the goal of posting every day but I did some good work and I am happy with that. I started a blog earlier this year called “A Season with the Chicago White Sox” as a challenge to myself to work on my writing and to fill a void of missing a game that I loved. A couple of post in I was contacted by a web site in the USA and ask if I would like to feature my blog on their page and I jumped at the chance. When I said YES, I never dreamed of how life would change. The many hours of getting up in the middle of the night to be able to live blog games, to make the time change it was an evil of the job but I was in seventh heaven.

I knew that my mate, Judy who writes http://raisingthecurtain.net/ is a passionate Boston Red Sox fan and when the two teams came to meet in the season I knew it would be special. It was Judy who I must give credit for in coining the “Battle of the Sox Drawer” I was proud to use it and would text her or leave her a face book message as to the days results.

It was in August of this year that my baseball world fell totally apart as my all time favorite player Jake Peavy was traded to the Red Sox. I did not sleep for two days after his departure but I knew Judy would look after him for me. (insert giggles here) I would still be able to watch Jake pitch but he took a bit getting use to him being in red and not black.

Fast forward to the world series and I made a temporary change of Sox’s color from Black and White to Red and White. I was not going to give up on Jake and just because the White Sox were not playing post season did not mean I still could not support him. I got the games a few hours late but was able to blog them and keep readers informed. ON the fateful day in October I made sure that I could follow the game live and be ready to share the news with Judy when the game was over. On that final out I could not get a message to Judy fast enough to share the great news.

When word came that the Arizona Diamondback and the Los Angeles Dodgers would be coming for a 2 game series next March. I called Judy to see if she could pick up tickets. Fingers crossed and waiting for news, the message I had hoped for came….”I got Them”. Phil and I will be heading to Sydney next March to share in Game two of the series. It is going to be a wonderful weekend to share with Judy and her family. Will be proudly wearing my Sox Shirt and Cap, cheering on the Diamondbacks to victory.

It was an amazing season, the White Sox will be back next year stronger than ever, Jake will be his amazing self as always and Judy and I will share in more Sox Drawer Wars and our mateship will be stronger for it.

Thanks Judy for looking after Jake, cant wait to see you in March