charlie-brown-christmas-treeMorning Kids

Hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Lots has happened and in doing some reflecting I think that the good is out weighting the bad.

My girls are both healthy and happy and working like mad women. My grandbabies are growing and happy, I love getting to play with them on Skype. I look forward to being silly with them as often as possible.

May saw me in the hospital due to a collapsed lung. After a 6 week recovery and an OK from the doctor I was back training for the Adelaide City to Bay. They were never able to find a cause for the collapse or to explain how I was able to fly back from Sydney. Pj and I truly believe that someone was watching over me.

Speaking of the City to Bay, it was a great year. I set myself the goal of getting the 6 kilometers in a time of 1 hour 10 minutes. I know it was going to be a real challenge with having to start training from scratch due to the lung collapse. I am proud to day that the day could not of gone any better with my arrival time of 1 hour 7 minutes. Will start training earlier and hope that I can keep that goal of 1 hour 10 for another year.

I was thrilled beyond anything to get the chances to meet two of my favorite artist from the first season of The Voice. Darren Percival and Jimmy Couples. THANK YOU both for the amazing concerts. It has been a blast following you and I cant wait to see what is next. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

My beloved Buckeye made another “Chase for the 8” and were on a 24 game winning streak until meeting the Michigan State Spartans on December 7th for the Big Ten title game. It was not meant to be 25 – 0, we finished the season at a 24 – 1 over the last two years and will be in Miami, Florida for the Orange Bowl. My blog have all the news

Knitting projects are slowly getting completed, and with throwing in some small curves on the way the Work in Progress list is getting smaller. There are many new projects to try along with working on the list to finish those projects that have been collecting dust. For you knitters and crocheters my wool blog has my journey on those projects

What started out as a challenge to myself has turned into a writing job that I am just blown away by. I started out last season to follow the Chicago White Sox, just to blog a few games and work on my writing. It was not a great season for the boys but I know that 2014 will be great and I cant wait to see how the new players will fit in. We lost some fan favorites, but will still follow them on their journeys with their new teams. I will be back for another season with the boys from the windy city, you can find the new season at:

Time for some THANK YOUS:

To my hubby Pj for putting up with all my crazy hours of writing, Thank you for your love and support in all of this. I have never wanted something as much as I have wanted this to be my career. It has been a tough road but, this year has taught me heaps and given me a better understanding on how to budget my time better.

Thanks heaps Dan for your hours of editing and support. You have been a great teacher and I have become a better writer because of it.

To my Twitter Kids and family – Love you guys heaps. Your love and support have been amazing.

To my Buckeye Family – you have made this season totally amazing, It has been a blast this season, and I am not so homesick this year. It is time for another undefeated run and a new “Chase for the 8”

To my Soxette Sisters – you are so totally awesome and I love you guys to pieces. 2014 is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to take this ride with you.

To you my readers I can’t say THANK YOU enough for your support. You are the reason why I do this and I am grateful for your following. I will be back in 2014 with new stories and plenty of baseball games, college and NFL football games.

Dan will be covering the Boise State Bowl game for me and I will be back for the Northern Illinois bowl game.

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2014