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Hope everyone had a super Christmas. Tonight we are off to San Diego, California for the bowl game tonight. I am watching the replay of the game here in Australia, it was on earlier today but I unavailable to cover the game live.

I just want to take a minute to thank Dan for covering the Boise State game. It was a great holiday and I really appreciate him taking the time out of his busy day to give me a chance to be with family.

Northern Illinois is being led by Jordan Lynch who was a finalist in the Heisman Trophy, for his final game of his college career. NIU is dressed in their Black Jerseys with matching Helmets trimmed in Red, Utah is wearing White Jerseys with blue helmets.


After the kick off by Northern Illinois, Utah State will be starting on the 22 yard line.

Utah State 1st series – N.I.U defense forcing Utah State throw to gain enough yardage to move the chains. On 4th and 4 are forced to punt for the first time. It was a 59 yard punt taken at the 5 yard line.

N.I 1st series  – Starting from the end zone, ON 3rd and 9 Jordan is forced to throw, falling a yard short (4th and 1) Forced to punt from their end zone.

Utah State 2nd series – Runner is caught from being for a loss of 6 making it 2nd and 16, taking their first time out of the half. An incomplete pass makes it 4th and 16, 52 yard Field Goal Attempt by Jake Thompson is no good.

N.I 2nd series – taking over on downs from Utah State’s 2nd series. Lynch was not able to hold on the ball and Utah State recovers.

Utah State 3rd seriesQuarter back is sacked for the first time today. Another field goal attempt of 31 yards this time and is successful.

5:53 Utah State – 3 and N.I – 0

N.I 3rd series will start on the 25 yard line after the kick off. Runner taken down behind the line for a loss on the play. First FLAG of the night – Personal Foul on the offense. On 3rd and 25 look for a throw, in field goal range on 4th down and 5. Matthew Sims with a field goal attempt of 37 yards missing wide to the right.

Utah State 4th series – 58 yard run moves the ball to the 20 yard line, FLAG – false start on the offense. Quarter Closes.


Utah State 1st series – 4th and 11 bring in the field goal team again for a 39 yard attempt which is good.

14:09 Utah State – 6 and N.I – 0

N.I 1st series – Utah State called their second time out. TOUCH DOWN

8:17 – N.I – 7 and Utah State – 6

Utah State 2nd series – FLAG – Personal foul on the kicking team, Horse collar tackle, 4th and 4 will force them to punt.

N.I 2nd series – will start on the 20 yard line. FLAG – Holding on the offense and will replay the down. Northern Illinois uses their first time out of the half. On 4th and 3 they are going for it, Jordan Lynch was stopped at the line of scrimmage.

Utah State 3rd series taking over on downs – Darrell Garretson sacked and will take their final time out of the half. Garretson is sacked again on this drive making it 3rd and 20. Quarter Closes on this drive


Utah State has kicked off to N.I to start the third quarter.

N.I 1st series – First throw by Jordan Lynch is picked off by Brian Suite for Utah State.

Utah State 1st series – Huskies defense is holding so far at 3rd and 10 , Throw complete to  move the chains for a 14 yard gain. TOUCH DOWN.

11:57 – Utah State – 13 and Northern Illinois – 7

N.I 2nd series will start at the 22 yard line after the kick off return. Jordan is sacked again for a loss which makes it 4th and 17 and are forced to pun the ball.

Utah State – 2nd series – starting at the 35 yard line. 4th and 3, watching for a fake punt, did punt for 33 yards.

N.I 3rd series – Offense was not able to move the ball and on 4th and 5 will punt. 35 yard punt.

Utah State 3rd series – On a trick play, what would have been a certain touchdown is spoiled by the defense. 4th and short – a run around the end play picks up enough yardage to keep the series alive. Picked off by Northern Illinois in the end zone and returned to the 15 yard line.

N.I 4th series starting on the 15 yard line – forced to punt on 4th and 1, FLAG on the offense for a delay of game. Now its 4th and 6, using a fake punt play, get enough yardage to keep the series alive. **CLOSE OF THE THIRD


N.I 1st series – runner taken down behind the line and it forces them to punt on 4th and 3, a 35 yard punt.

Utah State 1st series – starting on the 30 yard line but a FLAG on the opening play – Personal Foul on the offense, a hit below the waist, an unsuccessful quarterback draw makes it 3rd and 23, tipped in the air and picked off at the 16 yard line by N.I

N.I 2nd series – could not make it to the touchdown and will send the filed goal unit out for a 29 yard attempt was no good so the score holds.

Utah State 2nd series, a missed tackle allows Utah State to keep the drive alive on the 43 yard line. On the 9th play of the drive the runner is taken down in the back field for a loss making it 2nd and 12. They are chipping away at the clock and with almost 6:00 minutes left Utah State has broken inside the 10 yard line. Northern Illinois takes their first time out of the half. TOUCHDOWN, going for a 2 point conversion, is good

4:14 – Utah State – 21 and Northern Illinois – 7

N.I 3rd series – It comes down to Jordan Lynch and 4:07 left on the clock to pull out a two possession win. 4th and 10 hits his receiver for a much-needed TOUCH DOWN

1:44 –  Northern Illinois – 14 and Utah State – 21

Utah State 3rd series – Utah State Coach gets the Gator aid bath as the final series comes to a close


Utah State 21 and Northern Illinois – 14

Thanks for catching up. Have a safe New Year’s Celebration and see you for Ohio State and the Orange Bowl on January 4th here in Australia