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As 2013 comes to a close I wanted to stop in and share a few thoughts with you. 2013 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs and a few surprises. We have shared in a lot of surprises and gotten together to grieve losses that we had no clue would affect us all. We made many new friends and adopted family members. It is that time of year we stop and remember those we have lost and take a few to reflect on what affect their lives had on us.

Gary passed away a few years ago but I still carry that time I was able to share with him with me and what he reminded me. God only gives us as much as we can handle for the day. When the sun goes down it is time to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries. Take time out to watch the sun rise, it is the best time of the day and it is a good way to remember how precious life is. I think about Gary often and remember how blessed I am to have known him

#remembermaria – Dom Teberi shared the most devastating time as his beautiful daughter Maria was lost in a car accident. Through all the reports from the accident the conclusion was that she got distracted. The best way we can help to get the message out is to become defense drivers and passengers. Don’t worry about the phone or messages, they can wait til you’re stopped and as passengers we can help the driver by keeping a better eye on the road and speak up if we see something. It could be that one time that the driver misses what you see. Thank You Dom for sharing your life with all of us, Maria has had a profound affect on my life and I will be a better driver and passenger because of her.

#buckeyefamily – You guys just plain ROCK! I love you guys and it has been an awesome ride this season. We made the “Chase for 8” but fell a game short of that two-year perfect season. I am looking forward to spending the Orange Bowl with you and in 2014 looking for another great chase and a perfect season.

#soxettesisters – you are the best gift of all this year. I have gotten close to a few of you and you mean the world to me. I can’t wait for Spring Training and the new season to start. We have lost some favorites but gained some new ones and I cant wait to see what happens. I think we should make this a Paul Konerko season.

My blogs – have taken me places I never thought I would go. What started out as something to save my sanity has turned out to be living the dream. I always knew I would be a writer but this is nothing like what I expected. There will be plenty of football and baseball, along with another Adelaide City to Bay, plenty of knitting and crocheting and life in general. Big THANK YOU to Pj and Dan. You both know how hard I have worked and how much I have wanted this. Your love and support means more than I have probably told you.  My biggest goal here is a better balance of work and play and to my readers, THANK YOU for taking this journey with me. Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2014

I turned 50 this year and I made sure I learned a lot of new things and kept it as positive as I could and I will continue that in the new year. There is always new stuff to learn and share, just to have a super time. I am still hoping to get home to Ohio and see everyone. I have grand babies to visit with and plenty of places to see. My work in progress knitting list is getting smaller and I am hoping to keep crossing things off.

To those who have lost friends and family over the year I offer my sympathies. I know it is a difficult time, I hope that you can find some comfort and support as time moves into the new year. Remember the good things and don’t be afraid to laugh. It keeps their memory alive and well.

My wish for all of you in the new year is to learn something new. Cross something off your bucket list, take a trip to a brand new place. Focus on the positive stuff and don’t be afraid to dance like no one is looking. Take time to look at a sunrise and really take in the beauty of the moment and when it gets dark, take the time for YOU and recharge.

Hugs and Love for an amazing 2014