1509187_10151790863085373_1105883732_nMorning Kids,

Finding it hard to get back to work but its a slow process. I did watch the Ohio State Clemson game and reported on the Northern Illinois game. Other than those two games I had two weeks of down time. I kind of felt lost at first but was able to work on some little projects to finish up and start to organize some new things. Trying to create that post holidays new normal is a bit of a challenge now. Just getting up to get a routine started is a challenge now, but that will get better as the days go on.

On my 2014 Bucket List —

Write my book — Everyone tells me I should do it.

Finish the projects on my work in Progress List — There are things on there for too long and I would love to finish them. Use them not collect dust

Learn new Crochet and Knitting stitches — learned some great knitting patterns, time to bring crocheting in to the mix

Get better at keeping my blogs consistent — I need to work on managing the blogs better and keeping them out there. build readership.

Take time for a project that is just for me — I am always busy doing things for everyone else and never taking time for me. I would love to have one project that at the end of the day I can grab and spoil myself. Give the batteries a chance to recharge.

Freshen up my web site and those tools I use to promote Cricket’s Corner of Australia.

I saw a great idea the other day which I want to try. Get an empty jar with a lid and some post-it notes. Every time something good happens during the year, write it down and put it in the jar. On New Year’s Day 2015 open the jar and read what happened during the year.

I will be back during baseball season with the Chicago White Sox for another great season. Cant wait to share with my Soxette Sisters. My Buckeye family has grown my leaps last year and I am looking forward to the new “Chase for the 8”

There will be more surprises along the way I am sure. Hang on Kids, let’s get this ride in high gear.

See you soon