Indianapolis+Colts+v+Kansas+City+Chiefs+BqSEADwvsZzlHappy Weekend Kids

Its catch up football for those of you who have missed it. Today its the Kansas City  – Indianapolis game. I have not watched it myself but I have heard that it is an amazing game. It took place at Lucas Oil Stadium.


Kick off to Kansas City who will start on the 17 yard line.

K.C 1st series – Alex Smith keeps from getting sacked and gains 15 yards on a keeper to keep the drive alive. Miles Davis in for Jamal Charles who is off injured, getting concussion check. Chain Gang out for a measurement and it was good enough for a first down. TOUCH DOWN

8:11 – K.C – 7 and Indy – 0

Indy 1st series – Kickoff taken if the end zone and returned to the 25 yard line. Andrew Luck throwing well moving the ball. TOUCH DOWN. 74 yards and a perfect drive from Andy.

4:34 Indy – 7 and K.C – 7

K.C 2nd series – Returned the kick off  to the 26 yard line. FLAG – Illegal contact by the Defense which makes it first down. On 2 and 6 a throw from Alex Smith to Bowe and he takes it for a 63 yard run to the 2 yard line. 4th and goal brings a Field Goal attempt of 19 yards which is GOOD

0:54 – K.C- 10 and Indy – 7

Indy 2nd series – Starting on the 30 yard line. Andy had the 2nd and 3rd passed deflected. Forced to punt which will close the first quarter. K.C returns to the 20 yard line from a 51 yard punt.


K.C – 1st series – Jamaal Charles is questionable to return. Monster throw to from Alex to Donnie Avery for a TOUCH DOWN in three plays.

14:39 – K.C – 17 and Indy – 7

Indy – 1st series – Takes a knee in the end zone for a start at the 20 yard line after the kick off. On the first play Trent Richardson fumbles the ball and K.C recovers on the 17 yard line.

K.C 1st series – TOUCH DOWN from fumble recovery

13:05 K.C – 24 and Indy – 7

Indy 2nd series – Starting at the 20 yard line. 12;19 Injury Stoppage, Ty Hilton was down but on the sideline. Andy was pressured and had to get rid of it quick. On 4th and inches, will go for it – The quarterback fake works for a gain and movement of the chains. 37 yard field goal attempt is GOOD

9:14 – Indy 10 and K.C – 24

K.C 2nd series – Jamaal Charles will NOT RETURN, 11 play drive to his point needing a 1st down but K.C have calling their first time out of the quarter. On 3rd and 5 got enough to keep the drive alive Darius Butler making the yardage. Avery unable to hold on to the throw making it 3rd and 7, (NO Coach’s challenges allowed in the final 2:00) FLAG – Face Mask on the Defense – 1/2 the distance to the goal, TOUCH DOWN – Niles Davis

1:51 – K.C. – 31 and Indy – 10

Indy 3rd series – FLAG- Neutral Zone infraction, 22 yard pass to T.Y. Hilton to move the chains. Luck SACKED by Houston on the defense (2nd and 17) Pass picked off by Brandon Flowers of the defense with 0:22 seconds left in the half.

K.C 3rd series – starting at the 45 yard line after the pick off. time out by K.C. (K.C is the first team since 2004 to score on the first five drives of the postseason game) The first half of the game comes to a close on this series.


Indy 1st series – will start at the 20 yard line after receiving the kick off. On the first throw of the quarter it is picked off by K.C (Last two passes by Luck have been picked off)

K.C 1st series – starting on the 18 yard line after the turn over. TOUCH DOWN  Alex Smith throw to Niles Davis.

13:39 – K.C – 38 and Indy – 10

Indy 2nd series – starting on the 20 yard line. Rick Rogers takes a MONSTER throw from Andy to make it 1st and Goal. TOUCHDOWN, Donald Brown with the TD

11:47 Indy – 17 and K.C – 38

K.C 2nd Series – starting on the 22 yard line. Alex is sacked which causes a fumble recovered by Calvin Shepard.

Indy 3rd series – Starting on the 41 yard line. FLAG – Illegal formation on the left tackle. Luck to Milton for a 1st down. Luck to Brazil for 1st and goal. TOUCH DOWN from Luck to Donald Brown. Brandon Flowers down on the sideline. Is up and being taken straight to the locker room

7:32 – Indy – 24 and K.C 38

K.C 3rd series – starting short of the 20 yard line after the kick off. Junior Hemingway down,walking to the side line under his own power. On 4th and 5 the punting unit will take to the field. First punt for K.C today.

Indy 4th series – First throw of the series is a pick off by the Defense. Thrown behind the receiver

K.C 4th series – 3rd and 6 from the 24 yard line. 42 yard field goal attempt which is good. (Indy got lucky. Had 12 men on the field before K.C called a time out.)

4:12 – K.C – 41 and Indy – 24

Indy 5th series – (14 turnovers for the total regular season) 30 yard throw to Brazil, TOUCH DOWN, Luck to Fleener

2:31 – Indy – 31 and K.C – 41

K.C 5th series – On second and 11, Smith keeps for a big gain to keep the series going. FLAG – Holding on the Defense. Closing of the 3rd quarter with this series.


K.C – 1st series – 4th and 8 the punting unit on the field. Indy call fair catch at the 10 yard line

Indy 1st series – avoid the sack, Luck throws enough to get the chains moved. All of a sudden the Colts have come alive and everything is falling into place and they are having a solid series moving the ball. 2nd and goal – Brown fumbles the ball but Luck picks it up and scores the TOUCH DOWN.

10:38 – Indy 38 and K.C – 41 

K.C second series – Return to the 17 yard line after the kick off. Miles Davis is down holding his knee. 3rd and 7 – K.C calls their first time out of the second half. K.C get enough on a  27 yard pass to keep the series alive. K.C use their 2nd time out. Niles Davis is officially out,(knee) Laundry for the Colts is down. (3rd and 11) short of the first down. Field Goal attempt on 4th and 5. was successful on a 43 yard attempt

5:40 – K.C – 44 and Indy – 38

Indy 2nd series – Will start on the 20 yard line after no return from the kick off. Justin Houston is now down for K.C, was able to get to the sidelines with some help. Andy Luck to T.Y Hilton for the TOUCH DOWN (80 yards in 4 plays)

4:21 – Indy – 45 and K.C – 44

K.C 3rd series – Alex is sacked and the throw went out of bounds. FLAG – intentional grounding (10 yard penalty) 3rd and 17 after the penalty, At the 2:00 warning the ball is at the 43, on 4th and 11. Final time out charged to K.C throw connected but the receiver was OUT of bounds.

Indy 3rd series – take over on downs. Take a knee in victory formation to protect the win. Close the game


Indianapolis – 45 and Kansas City — 44

Indy moves on to play the New England Patriots.