20140118_031112Evening Kids,

I usually don’t do a Saturday night post but tonight is the exception. Pj and I love going to the Bakery on O’Connell in North Adelaide. We have NEVER had a bad meal there. The service is the tops, everyone is so friendly and very helpful. I could go on forever here but I want to give you just enough of a tease so you will go and have a visit and discover for yourself how truly amazing this place is. They took some time during the holidays for some redecorating and its has really brightened up the place.

20140118_031131Last night Pj had a Potato Pie and I had the pie of the month which was Bolognese. It was amazing, I was actually surprised by finding meatballs inside. I know that sounds silly but it was perfect. The Crust on the pie was light and flaky and the best texture. The perfect sauce for pasta, and I loved it in the pie. I hope they decide to bring it back, and I would defiantly have it again.

The also have the famous Pie Floater. I have never had one but they now offer a Mini Pie Floater and I will give it a go.

The have the most decadent desserts, Lemon Tarts, Donuts, Banana breads, a smoothie bar. I could just go on and on but I am starting to drool.

They are open 24 /7 when ever you get the munchies. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Come one kids what are you waiting for. Tell them Cricket sent you and have a blast.