saintseaglesMorning Kids

It is another catch up game in the NFL playoffs. This time it is the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles . Game taking place in Philadelphia. Chip Kelly is the first rookie head coach to win a division title. Eagles have won the tossed and deferred.


Saints to start on the 27 yard line after receiving the kick off.

Saints 1st series – Drew Brees at the helm for the offense today. Drew takes their first time out to save a flag. No time out charged do to items on the field. (trash). 4th and 2 and will go for it. FLAG – False start on the offense. Punting unit to the field.

Eagles 1st series – to start on their 15 yard line. Nick Foles directing the offense today for the Eagles. It’s a 3 and out first series. The punting unit on at 4th and 6. 49 yard kick.

Saints 2nd series – Another 3 and out series. Punting unit to the field on 4th and 3, bouncing out of bounds near the 47 yard line

Eagles 2nd series – another 3 and out series sends the punting unit on, Eagles try to stop it on the one but it gets kicked in to the end zone so N.O will start on the 20 yard line

Saints 3rd series – Brees to Graham for a 21 yard gain. Brees makes a monster throw but it’s picked off by Fletcher of the Defense.

Eagles 3rd series – Time out called by the Saints.  4th and 1 – they get enough yardage to keep the series alive. Nick is sacked to close the first quarter.


Eagles 1st series – 3rd and 29. On 4th and 24 a field goal attempt of 48 yards is no good.

14:22 Eagles – 0 and N.O – 0

N.O 1st series – Taking over on downs. 4 and 1 after fumble recovery was overturned. 1 down but a FLAG – FALSE start on the Offense. On 4th and 6 will try a 36 yard field goal which is GOOD

8:37 – Saints – 3 and Eagles – 0

Eagles – 2nd series – Will start on the 23 yard like after the kick off return. 3 and out sees the punt team on to the field. 53 yard punt with a 14 yard return.

N.O – 2nd series – on 2nd and 7 Drew is picked off at the 35 yard line by Ryans of the Defense.

Eagles 3rd series – 2nd and 9 on the 11 yard line. Pass caught by Riley Cooper of the Offense – TOUCH DOWN

1:48 – Eagles – 7 and N.O – 3

N.O 3rd series – Kick off returned to the 26 yard line. FLAG on the Defense. Drew is sacked on 3rd and 10. On 4th and 10 N.O will try a 47 yard field goal attempt. It’s GOOD to close the half.

0:00 – N.O – 6 and Eagles – 7


Eagles to receive the second half kick off. They will start at the 25 yard line.

Eagles 1st series – Nick was sacked but drew a FLAG for Intentional Grounding. 3rd and 17 Nick is sacked. It’s now 4th and 26, punting from the end zone. taken at the 35 yard line. returned to the 48.

N.O 1st series – FLAG – Holding on the offense, makes it 1st and 20. Drew Brees to Lance More for a 24 yard reception and a TOUCH DOWN

10:08 – N.O – 13 and Eagles – 7

Eagles 2nd series – make a 24 yard return after the kick off. Time out by the Eagles. Riley Cooper can’t hold on the ball so on 4th and 4 will punt.

N .O –  2nd series – FLAG – Delay of game. time out taken. FLAG – Holding on the offense, 10 yard penalty and player down. On 3rd and 12 Drew makes a huge pass to get the yardage needed to keep the drive alive. Turned 2nd and 1 to 1st and goal. Drew hands off to Ingram for the TOUCH DOWN.

3:54 – N.O 20 and Eagles – 7

Eagles 3rd series – Brad Smith takes the kick off to the 35 yard line. McCoy takes the hand off for an 11 yard gain. Lewis is down due to a helmet to shoulder pad hit. FLAG – Neutral Zone infraction, DeShaun Jackson makes the big catch at the 8 yard line. McCoy for the TOUCH DOWN, 7 plays for 65 yards.

0:32 – Eagles – 14 and N.O 20

N.O 3rd series will take a knee in the end zone. FLAG – Holding on the offense. To close the 3rd quarter


N.O 1st series – will open the quarter 3rd and 11 on the 19 yard line. Punting unit on, 48 yard punt.

Eagles 1st series – 3rd and 6 throw is short of the first down. Field Goal Unit to the field for a 26 yard field goal attempt but a flag on the play, FLAG – false start on the offense. That penalty makes it a 31 yard attempt. Its GOOD

11:14 – Eagles – 17 and N.O 20

N.O 2nd series – Will start on the 26 yard line. Drew throws a monster pass for a 40 yard pick up. On 4th and 4 the Field Goal Unit comes on for a 35 yard attempt which is GOOD

8:04 N.O 23 and the Eagles – 17

Eagles 2nd series – FLAG – On 2nd down and 2, got enough to keep the drive going at the 42 yard line, Offense gives Nick enough time to throw but there is a FLAG – pass interference on the Defense which makes it a 1st and goal. It was a 40 yard penalty. Nick throws for the TOUCH DOWN (77 yards in 8 plays)

4:54 – Eagles – 24 and N.O – 23

On the kick off there was a horse collar tackle which tacks on 15 yards, starting just over mid field

N.O 3rd series – 48 yards roughly to take back the lead. On 3rd down and 1, Drew keeps and with the help of the offense, they get the first down and its the 2:00 warning. 2nd and 6,Robinson carries but needs the chain gang to confirm if he made enough yardage. 2 chain links short for a first down. Drew keeps it again for the first down. 0:29 the Saints take a 30 second time out. Shayne Graham is coming on for the game winning Field Goal attempt, (post season he is 9/11 and his longest is 55 yards) 32 yard attempt was GOOD


New Orleans Saints 23 and the Philadelphia Eagles 24