Morning Kids

Pj and I made another visit to the Bakery on O’Connell and enjoyed it as always. Was a little surprised that it was quiet with the warm weather and all.

The pie of the month was the Bolognese. So, I had to have another one before they left the warmer. First cut was into a homemade meatball. The sauce was great as always. You know how really good cooks can made something that leaves that pop of heat in the back of your mouth. I had that with this visit and it was great. Can’t wait to see what the new pie will be. Always have Farmer’s Union coffee with my meal. Just routine, but its the best ice coffee in my book. 20140201_040122

Pj had a pie floater. Made with a Potato Pie. He did comment that it was a better back of peas, not as peppery as the last time he had a pie floater there. He did ask me when I will have one, and its time I step up to the plate and have one. They have a mini and that is the way I will go.


Another great visit. When you come to Adelaide you have to make a point to stop and have a meal. You wont be disappointed.

Tell them Cricket sent you.

Stay cool this weekend.