7756_720364691331087_1828757416_nI wrote a piece a couple of years ago called Face it: Cancer sucks. In it I talked about how Cancer touched my life and my personal experience with my daughter’s journey. I knew how devastating this can be but now with first hand information it is life changing. It not only affects those of the immediate family but the extended family also.

I have discovered that the best weapon in the fight is knowledge, and the more you know the better decisions you can make along the way. I think we all ask the one question “WHY?” We are all born with the cells but why are they activated in some and not in others? Some times things move slow and with no warning, other times it hits out of the blue and take a hold before anyone realizes what is going on.

It is hard at times to find the positives in something like this, especially when you have no clue what the outcome will be. Again, it’s all the questions and journey of trying to figure out if the combination of drugs and chemo or radiation will work. Is the tumor even operable, after treatment. In my daughter’s case she lost an ovary and they went ahead and took her appendix since they were in the area. She will be able to conceive but it will be harder for her.

There are many today missing those who have lost their fight against the big “C”. To those of you I offer my love and support during this time. Those who have been lost to all of this have left an empty spot in all our lives. I understand the loss of that someone special, Gary taught me so much in the short time I was able to exchange letter’s with him. My life is better for knowing him and what he taught me. I take what he taught me, and pass it on. Gary was a teacher and he did that up until the time he left this earth. Thank you Shelly for sharing him with the world.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to day and remember those who are taking this journey, send them some positive energy. For those you know who have lost someone to this cruel affliction, take a few minutes and really listen to those who need a little extra TLC today.


This was the final paragraph from my original post and I hope that you find some comfort in the words that Gary left me:


The next time your up early and you see the sun starting to rise, take the time to really WATCH…remember that god will only give you what you can handle for that day, when its sunset, STOP worrying about it, you can’t so any more. Just take that evening time for YOU, recharge YOUR batteries.

You never know, A simple sunrise could change everything