1621773_411924682270980_1520233027_nToday I am suffering from Birthday Hangover.

It has been a truly amazing and a very blessed week. Celebrations started on Sunday with my close mate Lea and lots of bubbles. (Champagne). Thanks for making the start amazing and for the wonderful chat about the book. I know it will happen when its time and I cant wait to see how it is received and all. I will be there cheering you on.

I have had greetings from all over the world and I can’t put into words how truly blessed I feel.

Projects are going well, Writing is amazing and I will be starting my book later this year,  have also starting with a third web site, I am just over the moon.

The 5th of February was World Cancer Day. I wrote a piece sharing my journey with the disease and how those in the extended family are also affected by the journey.  You can find the complete entry here.


Pj made one of my favorite BBQ meals. His secret Hamburgers. It was yummy. We are heading to the drive – in next week for a combination birthday and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

I need to send out some big THANK YOU’S

To my Facebook Family : Thank you for the massive out pouring of love and greetings. I have felt so loved and blessed this week.

To My Soxette Sisters: I LOVE YOU GUYS. You are simply the best sisters. I can’t wait for this season to open and with it being Paulie’s final season I have this feeling its going to be extra special. I am so looking forward to spending it with you.

To My Extended Family: I love you guys and you also make my life so much better. You laugh with me, cry with me, love and support me through the crappy times.

To My Buckeye Family: You guys just bloody rock. I love you guys and the recent season has been massive and hooking up all of you is beyond awesome. Some of you I have gotten closer with and you know who you are. How can I ever say Thank You.

Turning 51 has been great and it is going to be an amazing year ahead. So much positive and great things to come on this journey.

Will keep you posted.