Olympics_medal_Sochi_2014Evening Kids

It is the Opening Night of the 22nd Olympics in Sochi.

Settle in and I will do my best to bring you all things Aussie with the opening ceremonies, my thoughts and some special info about the night.

One of our medal hopefully is Torah Bright, she is competing in all three snowboarding events for woman. Lydia Lassila in the Woman’s Aerials, Chumpy Pullin in the Snowboard Cross. Scotty James in the Men’s Snowboarding. Woman’s Moguls qualifying took place with Britt Cox with a time of 31.74 and will have to go to the semi finals to make it to the medal round.

Figure Skating Team Competition opened tonight. It is the first time for this event in the Olympics. Russia is in first place with the Americans in second. There are still teams to come and that could change as the evening goes on. The men’s short program is opening this part of the Competition. At the conclusion of the Men’s short in the Team competition figure skating it is Japan in first, Russia in Second and Canada in third. The American skater is in 7th place.

Brooklee Han and Brendan Kerry are Australia’s hopes in the Ladies and Men’s Figure Skating event.

Scott Kneller competing in the Ski Slope Style is returning from breaking his back before Christmas. Russ Henshaw is another Aussie taking part in the Ski Slope event  and is competing without an ACL in his knee.

We are off to Ladies Moguls qualifying event: Nicole Parks is the first Aussie down the hill with a time off 31.45 which currently has her in 5th place. Taylan O’Neill is next down the hill with a time of 33.14 and with her points that moves her into 5th place. The top 10 from the qualifying round head to the final, those who did not make it head to the semi final round with that second chance of heading to the final. Brittney Cox is our final girl in the competition, her time is 31.74 with points, will put her in 7th place in the first round. All three of the Aussie girls are heading to the semi finals for the second chance qualifying.

Its 2:41 AM in Australia and the ceremonies are just about to start. My Russian history is very basic and it is looking like that will get expanded in the course of the evening. My usual interest take when the Olympic flag enters and the Torch. The little girl in the story is flying, (remind you of anyone), The Russian National Anthem being sung by a men’s choir with no music. A group of Russian Astronauts have the honor of raising the flag. Showing the route of the Olympic Torch

Here come the Athletes who will be entering from the CENTER of the stadium: Greece is always first as that is where the games, Australia is next (John Coats is cheering on the team, Austria – Alpine skiing will be their strength, Red is looking to be the color of the night so far, Andorra with a team of 6, Argentina – 7 athletes, Armenia – have never won a medal, British Virgin Islands – competing in skiing events, Belarus – look at the hat and scarf, Belgium – have a team in the Woman’s bobsled, Bermuda – Check the shorts – they are banned in Iraq, Bulgaria – 1 gold medal, Bosnia and Herzegovina – bright blue and gold, Brazil – nice jumpers, Great Britain – Shades of Blue – hoping for  medals, Hungary – only medals in Figure Skating, Venezuela – they are having a blast, Virgin Islands US, a team of 1, Germany – very colorful, Hong Kong – No medals to date, Georgia – They lost the Luge rider during training at the last Olympics, Denmark – will play in the curling tournament, Dominica – a team of two, Israel – this is the 6th games for them, Republic of Iran – no medals interesting color choices, Ireland – No medals and this is their 6th games, Iceland – small team, Spain – 1 gold in 1972, Italy – Interesting jacket design, Cayman Islands – have shorts working, Canada – not liking the shade of red, Cyprus – their skier is carrying their flag, Peoples republic of China – first games in 1980, Latvia – Interesting color of their jackets, Lebanon – first games in 1948, Lithuania – nice pants, Malta – a team of one with 2 coaches, Morocco – 7th appearance, Mexico – 1 athlete, Monaco – Prince Albert Cheering them on, Nepal – interesting flag, Netherlands – Bright Orange, New Zealand – 15 athletes, Norway – cross-country, Pakistan – making their first appearance, Paraguay – a team of one, Poland – Check out their jackets if you’re a knitter, Portugal – 7th appearance,Republic of Korea – nice uniforms, United States – 238 strong, love the jackets, Jamaica – had to raise money to get to the games, ….and here comes the Russian team – Liking the jackets.   ( I know I have missed countries, not for lack of trying and it was a challenge to keep up. )

Time out of festivities for the business end of the Opening Ceremonies. Speeches by the head of the Sochi committee and the head of the Olympic games.

President Putin to declare the Games officially open. Release of the Doves was beautiful. The Olympic Flag has arrived, it is 100 years old this year. 4 men and 4 Woman are carrying the flag, all dressed in white. The Olympic Anthem is being played as the flag is raised. The Olympic Athletics Oath is taken by Ruslan  Zakharov, the judge’s Oath is taken by Vyacheslav Vedenin, The Oath on behalf of all Coaches is Anastasia Popkova

The last bit of business the arrival of the torch and the lighting of the Calderon, (don’t know why I always get teary during this part) the flame was brought in to the stadium by Maria Shaprova, 4 other Summer games Athletes joined her around the stadium, they passed off to the two most successful Russian Winter Athletes.

That is it for me now, see you later on as the Aussies are taking part in various events.