06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fSeptember 17th 2013

That was the day the #buckeyenation changed forever.

At 2:27 am Dom and Teri Teberi received a knock at the door that would in a split second change their lives forever. Their 21-year-old daughter Maria was killed in a car accident. The cause of the accident was that she became distracted while driving.

When the news came through it was devastating to hear the news and waiting for information on what had happened.

I can remember watching Dom when I lived in Columbus,Ohio and it was like having a chat with a good mate. I got to meet Dom at the Ohio State fair one year and he was amazing. Took a couple of minutes to chat and was just cool. I can’t imagine central Ohio sports with out him.

I understand the loss of someone special in your life but when its a child, let alone in tragic circumstances I cant even begin to find the words.

Dom is working hard to get a positive message out from this very personal tragedy. To be a more DEFENSIVE DRIVER. It is not worth the risk to answer the phone or send that text while driving.

Now, why have I just told you all of that………To tell you this

We can help Dom with his message. Become a more defensive drive by NOT answering the phone or sending that text while driving. IF you have to pull over some place safe out-of-the-way. Turn the phone on silent, on my phone I have a feature call “driving mode” which will read out test and who is calling. Take extra care when driving, get there late , get there safe.

I started using the hashtag #remembermaria to remind my buckeye family to be a safe driver as they traveled.

I know this is a little all over the place but I just want you guys to be safe as you travel. To take your time and arrive safe at your destination even if its late, make it there. Don’t worry about the phone or the texts, they can wait til you arrive or are stopped for a break to take care of the phone. Please do not be another statistic, please do not put your parents or grandparents though all the worry and waiting for that knock on the door to open and find Policeman standing there with the information that no one wants to get.

You can get more information about Maria’s story at http://www.mariatiberifoundation.org/