Jim-McKay-button-2I was talking with Judy from over at   http://raisingthecurtain.net/

We got to talking about events during the Olympics that we most were looking forward to. I was raised on Figure Skating and watching Tai and Randy, and I could not wait til they went to the Olympics. It was 1980 and it was their time, and it was going to be something special to watch. Randy got injured and they were not able to compete. He could have dropped Tai which was a risk they just could not take. I can remember being in tears for them, sitting in the lounge room at my parents house. I have been a huge fan of theirs ever since I can remember. To this day I still love skating and could watch it for hours on end.

Another moment we chatting about during those 1980 Olympics was the Miracle on Ice. On February 22, 1980 it was a Friday night when the USA beat the Russian, it came across the news and I at first thought it was a joke. This just could not be happening but it was, and it meant we were headed for the Gold Medal round. I have not been one to really watch hockey but this was different. It was the Olympics and it was for Gold, we had beat the Russians but how much longer would our luck hold out. On Sunday the 24 we would play for the Gold Medal.  I can remember standing in Mum and Dad’s kitchen as I was doing Sunday dishes willing the boys on, wishing that time would pass quick and the dreams would be a reality. Dreams were realized that day when the USA beat Finland by a score of 4 – 2.

eric-heiden-olympics-file-30-years-after-winning-five-golds-at-olympicseri-bd4b85f2716c9410_largeJudy and I also talked about Speed Skating and remembering how cute we thought Eric Heiden. Checking the spelling of his name, discovered he is 55 and still as handsome as ever. Its been 30 years since he won five gold medals. Heiden was chosen to deliver the Athlete’s Oath at the Lake Placid Games. To those 5 Gold medals Eric, added a total of 15 world records in his skating career. After retiring from competing Eric has become a Doctor and as of 2012 was working with the Cycling team for  BMC Racing Team

American readers your will remember a wonderful gentleman named Jim McKay from ABC Wild World of Sports. He was the voice of the Olympics as I was growing up and during the Summer games when the Munich events unfolded, I can remember how Jim was so calm, he gave us all the information as he could as it came in. He stayed with the story, stayed on air until the story closed. In an interview I found on You Tube was Mr. McKay talking about how the events had unfolded during the day. It was supposed to be his day off but as things unfolded he returned to the station to be the face of the events that were taking place. As Jim was sharing in an interview on YouTube I am listening to as I write this how this was probably the first we know about terrorism. This interview was posted on July 26 2012 and to this day Mr.McKay still gets teary when talking about it.

Mr. McKay passed away in 2008

I am sure we have yet to see our great moments from this games. Each country has their own, being an American by birth and an Aussie by marriage I figure I am one of the lucky ones, I get to enjoy those months from both, a country who is established in the Winter Games and a country which is growing in winter sports by leaps and bounds.

So, Here is the question……Where were you when…………..