1509187_10151790863085373_1105883732_nHey All

Hope everyone is well and safe in the New Year. I know a lot of you are still dealing with snow and all. Hope you’re keeping safe.

We have a long stretch of heat here in Australia and it has been draining but I am managing to get through. It has been draining but I am managing to get some rest when its cool. Hoping that the last of the 40 degree plus is done but I am not counting on it.

Been writing some, doing some Olympic reporting. Not other writing now. working on little knit projects. It has been too hot to work on a big project. I have not designed anything in a while and I have that craving again to work on something.

Good old menopause is kicking my back side this month. I know it will only get worse before better. I felt achy this time, like I was getting the flu. Time to check the hormones again I think.

Things have been a big of a struggle of late. Communication has been a real struggle and I think I have been letting the self-doubt in some. I miss feeling connected to something special. That one thing that I can go to when I feel like everything else is just so chaotic that I need that quiet peace. You know that one place that everything is just OK.

I am writing a book later in the year. I always dreamed that I would and even if I do it for myself at least I wont have any regrets from it. I have had a lot of support and it is the right time. I will be self publishing but it is an experience that I want to have. Its going to be a long process but I cant wait.

I know that his is a little all over the place. There is a couple of things going on that I can’t share now but I will in time. You will understand why I had to keep a couple of things quiet for now. It’s not health related or anything, I am FINE…promise.

Thanks for taking to the time listen. I really do appreciate it