Morning Kids

I finally got a break in blogging and I am trying to enjoy as much as possible. I have roughly over a month til Baseball season starts. It is looking like its going to be a super year. Lots of new blood in the team and the word is that there is a new excitement, new chemistry. Nothing like they have seen before.

Been knitting some, what I call summer projects, Light weight and easy to take with me. Just started the front of a sleeveless vest for the grandkids to try.

A friend of mine in America has published his first book. It is going well but slow, and I was able to follow his self publishing and make some notes of my own. I decided to go ahead and start my book which will go on hold during Baseball and Gridiron season. Just trying now to get as much of it laid out as possible. I have it in my head but need to get it on paper, well, the computer screen that is. I know how it should look but I want to get the basic sorted out so I can go back later on and really take it apart. I am taking some of my blogs and weaving it in with life experience. It will be confronting and difficult at times but I do not want to have any regrets in doing this.

Been trying to get sorted to take a course in web design, so I can work on promoting myself out there more and all but I have a feeling its gong to fall through. I have tried twice but I think I will have to go back to what I know how to do and work from there.  I really wanted to learn this but I have a feeling Jordan Danksit’s just not meant to be.

The weather here has finally cooled off. We had some time over the summer that the heat really kicked my backside. Finally the cooler sleeping weather. Just a good nights solid sleep would do wonders.

OK, off for a little work on the book and then for an outing. Stay safe out there and will check in again soon