Afternoon Kids

Sorry its been awhile since I have been with you and I wanted to bring you up to speed on somethings going on. Its been an interesting 6 weeks since football (gridiron) finished and I have still found myself flat-out. 

I was hoping to take some time off from writing to just get refreshed and all but needless to say that didn’t happen. The Olympics came along and that was the creation of following some of the Aussie athletes. We didn’t do as well as expected but it was still fun to watch all the events. We did record the closing ceremonies and I still have it to watch. 

I have a mate in New Mexico who just published his first book and I am over the moon for him. He went the road of self publishing and I have been following him on this journey. I had planned to start writing my book later in the year but decided to start it now. It is going to be a long process but I found some inspiration from him and I did not want to have an regrets on this one. I have always wanted to write a book and now I have started the process. Will share more news as I have made progress with things. 

It is state election time here in South Australia and Pj and I have been working for our local member. They did a large amount of letter boxing and we think that we have racked up close to 75 kilometers on foot walking the seat. It was a really hard slog at times, on area that was basically what we called “Mountain Goat” terrority. We finished the final letter boxing last night, in the rain of all things. Will share more about the adventures after the election results. 

Been having a ball playing with the grandbabies on Skype. Elizabeth is now two and Gabriel is one. It is just about an hour of pure silliness. Alisha tells me that Elizabeth recognized my photo, I can make Gabe laugh just playing peek a boo. I can’t wait to get home for a visit and just play with them. 

I have been knitting like mad as long as the hand is holding up. Four years ago I was in a cast for six weeks after snapping the tendons and all in my left thumb, well kids that nasty injury has returned. Had it checked yesterday and it is a recurring injury and I will have to manage it from now on. This comes from years of mad knitting, and not looking after myself. 

I am looking at doing the Adelaide city to Bay again this coming September. With all the walking from letter box dropping I should be in better shape this year. It is a different kind of walking but I am an athlete in a couple of ways and I just need to let the body do what it knows how to do and I will be fine. 

We are off on a holiday next week for ten days. I am so looking forward to the change of scenery. We are off to Bateman’s Bay but heading to Sydney for the Pro Baseball weekend, on a working weekend.  We are excited and cant wait, to just have a good veg. We are going to Canberra but going to the National War Memorial. We want to be there at sunset for last post and all. 

Baseball Season starts in a few days, I am so excited for the new line up and all that is coming. The NFL draft is in May and there are a number of Ohio State Buckeyes who have decided to enter and we will be watching our boys continue their career on the big stage. I know what to expect during baseball season this year and can manage my sleeping and all better. 

Take care and enjoy the spring weather. good things are coming….I can feel it