20140315_073045_6-1Morning Kids

Now that events are finally over I can share with you what has been going on. Its been a flat-out 6 weeks since I closed the gridiron season and decided to take a writing break. We had a state election called here in South Australia, it was time to get to work and get our local member Lee Oldenwalder re-elected.

With funds limited it was time to put the walking shoes on and letter box for Lee. For those who are not quiet sure letter boxing is hand delivering letters letting people know of street corner meeting in their area. Street corners are just short meeting in the area to catch up with folks and see if they have any complaints that Lee needs to be aware of.

A week didn’t go by that Pj and I had no less than four bags of letter on the back seat of the car to get delivered. For the last blast of letters it was in 10 bags and we took all 10 bags, the catch was they needed done in five days, which I am proud to say that we did get done. We figure between us we walked 150 kilometers, in roughly 6 weeks. I don’t walk that much when I train for the Adelaide City to Bay.

Election day was on the 15th and it was a busy day. Pj was booth captain and we were basically flat-out as soon as the polls opened at 8 am. We did have some slow periods but it was consistent. Roughly around 4:30 it finally slowed to a snail’s pace, until the polls closed at 6 pm. We were already to go party with the rest of the staff, when I realized that we have no Scrutineer. Well, after a few choice words  and a phone call to other staff to let them know of the change, Pj and I headed inside to a huge learning curve and new terrority.

It was a real eye-opening experience, we learned so much about the process when the polls close. The lady who was running the booth was really good, she explained each step as we went along in the night. It took a bit to get the result but it was well worth missing out having time with Lee and the rest of the staff. We gathered with other workers and local members to watch the results come in.

I am proud to announce that all three of the returning members were re-elected Zoe Bettison, Leesa Vlahos and Lee Oldenwaler and the new kid  on the block, Jon Gee who lives in the area and is Pj’s best mate was elected. It was an amazing evening to be with everyone catching up.

Well, as of yesterday Pj and I got the last of the corflutes down and we are finally taking some time for us. There is still some packing up of posters and repairs on a few to make but we have time to worry about those.

Well, now its on to getting Pj elected to the city council……..