06d5f0d09293f5254207fb55ec911a3fMorning Kids,

I just wanted to update this blog with you a bit and with it starting to be prom season in the USA, it is a good reminder to get Maria’s Message out there.

Every time Pj and I get in the car, I go through my little check list of things to make sure I do not distract Pj as he drives. I try not to worry about messages or Twitter and I try not to answer unless it is needed.

Dom has been more than amazing sharing all of this with us. I can not even begin to understand what he and Terri have been though and the courage to share this with the world.

Dom announced the other day that Maria’s Message is now on Twitter:  @mariasmessage

Here is my blog from late last year. Please take the time to talk to anyone and everyone that you know needs to hear this.

Dom Teberi shared with us this year the loss of his wonderful daughter Maria from a car accident. I can’t even imagine the pain and the shock that came with that knock on the door that early morning. The investigation is now complete and the conclusion was that she became distracted and that was the probable cause.

With the holidays upon us, we need to be more defensive in the car and as we travel no matter how far that we are going. I can’t imagine what life is like for Dom and the rest of the family during this time. All I can do is offer words of support and get the message out, by taking my cue from Dom.

That was a real wake up call for me, and being more cautious in the car. I have been more aware of what is going on around me as I ride in the car. I speak up so that my partner is made aware of what is going on. Things that he might not see or can’t spot that I can see.

All this has me thinking about when I use to drive back in Ohio and it has made me wake up some. I was very sloppy and that I could have been seriously hurt or even killed or killed someone by my mistakes. That is a real wake up call and we need to get this message out to the kids today. I get the impression today that most kids think they are invincible and getting their license means that they know everything. It took a long time before my parents let me drive on my own, enough though I thought I was a good driver. I had a lot to learn and years later I can see what they were trying to do.

We live life on the go here and the phone ringing in the car or that one text message can wait til you arrive safely. If you are driving alone, use Bluetooth or just do not answer the phone til you get to your destination or can pull off safely.

I have a Samsung S 4 phone and it has a setting on it called drive mode. You can set it to read out messages and phone calls as you drive. I am a passenger a lot of the time but I turn it on a lot of the time so I do not distract my partner as he drives. No message or call is that important that it can’t wait til you get home.

All I can give you this holiday season is words, words of love of and hope, of remembrance and keeping Maria’s memory alive by talking about her but also in our actions of being a defensive driver. Get home safe, take your time. It is OK to arrive late then not at all.

For more information about the foundation that Dom as set up you can go here:


WE love you Dom, and are here for you if you need anything at all.

Hugs and Love