20130818_122145Afternoon Kids,

Well, It was an interesting day was yesterday and out of it has developed a new project.

It is a five-year commitment. That alone scares me but it is an adventure I want to take, last night leaving the meeting I was just plain terrified but today I am excited and The need to learn level is through the roof.

My regular readers will know that I attend mass at St.Peters Cathedral in Adelaide. It is a wonderful place, full of history and a very unique community. It is a very special place to call home, to interact with a diverse group of people from all walks of life.

Cathedral 150 is the name of the project that is getting off the ground. It is a 5 year project to raise money for restoration of the build and the pipe organ.

My part in the project is to tell the story from my view in the pews. Things that I see, chats with people, learning about life at St.Peters.

I will be updating and sharing fund-raising events.

Cathedral 150 will have it’s very own blog and I will update this post when that is all set up and ready to go.

Thanks for your support on this project.