Afternoon  All

I wanted to update you on maria’s message and what has been going on. Some good news and more to come.

First, you can now follow maria’s message on Twitter at @mariasmessage  I know that Dom would love a follow to help get the word out. It doesn’t  matter where in the world you are the message is still the same. We all need to be more of a defense driver, we can even be a defense passenger by not distracting the driver. Helping to watch the road and speak up if you see something, the driver might not see it and it could make the difference.

You can always find out information of fund-raisers and other things going on at


Earlier this month Dom, Terri and the kids went to the Ohio Senate to testify for Senate Bill 294 that would make the month of September Safe Driver Awareness Month in Ohio. April 8th Dom posted on his face book page that it passed unanimously and it was on the way to the House. At the time of working on this blog there has not been any more information if bill 294 has passed the House. If you are on Face Book, keep checking Dom’s page to see if there is news.

This message is getting out but there is still more to do and we can help by spreading the word. I am a fan of Dom from my days living in Central Ohio. I had the chance to meet him at a couple of public events but that was years ago. This could have happened and probably has to more parents and family then what we know of. I can not being to put into words how I would react to the events. Starting out I felt helpless but now I play a part in getting this out to young people all over the world. Yes, I am here in Australia but I can still get the word out, I can be an example of a better passenger and eventually a better driver.

I know I am not in the target age that Dom is working with but I would love to be able to sign a pledge card also. We all need to take the pledge and share the story. You can see by the post on Dom’s wall that the word is getting out there. Please do not be afraid to talk about it share the face book pages, follow on twitter. You might be one who shares the message with the one person who needs to hear it the most.

THANK YOU Dom for sharing this personal story with all of us. I know that what I call Dom’s Army is out there and getting the message out. I know you have started to visit the schools in the area and I know you will reach them. You and Terri are making a difference, when you get weak let us carry you, draw on our strength.

Sign a pledge card for me, Will you?

On behalf of the Buckeye Nation all over the world.

Sending you Hugs.