20140607_031312We had our late night visit to my favorite place, Bakery on O’Connell last night and it was great, as always

Potato and Leek soup on the stove and I was so in the mood for some and it was really good. My first bowl and I would have it again. For me it was missing some crusty break.

Phil had a pie floater with a potato pie and said it was yummy as always,just the right spices.

The pie is called a Four “P” Pie, (potato,pork,pepper,pea). The trademark flakey crust as always. Cutting into the pie it had the trademark crunch and I love that sound. The pork was very easy to cut with my fork. The amount of pepper was just right. Not overpowering or that pepper after taste. The only thing I might do is add a few more peas.

I have a great mateship with the person who runs the bakery’s Facebook page and my goal is to meet face to face one day.

Thanks guys as always for a super meal and will see you all soon.