10277545_1457616407816395_1544802628759393623_nOk, I am warning you from this start this is a VENT.

Now, I have had a gut full of the negative bullshit and the constant lines that the budget issues are all LABORS fault.

Lets discusses the the lies that the Liberals have done since they took over. There was NO budget emergency and how can this budget be fair when its the hard-working blue color, backbone of this country that are now being FORCED to carry the load.

I refuse to watch Question Time any more because of the negativity and constant put down and repetition of how this is all Labors fault when, it was JOE HOCKEY giving the reserve bank money that they did not even want. Which in turn doubled the deficit in one fell swoop. Sloopy Joe got busted on Fact Check the other day on ABC news 24 for LYING about the interest payment.

At age 36 when I arrived in this county I was not able to find a job. It was not for lack or trying to do so but the more I kept trying, nothing was happening. Phil would pick up jobs along the way until his accident and I was lucky enough that I did not have to work. Since Phil’s accident, I am now his carer and am needed here at home, pretty much full-time, especially during the colder months. I am able to get some breaks along the way but it’s just how my life is now. Hearing things like, those on Disability will be reviewed, and now hearing that carers may have to look for work, the idiot has no clue what is going on. I am OVER 50 and suppose to look for a job. Crap kids, Holden is closing and I am supposed to look for work. I have a job writing, even though I am not getting paid YET. It is all I have. Phil just turned 62 and will be on the old age pension and I am hoping to God he does not have to be put through any more stress than he already has. He was supposed to have a review of his case a year after his accident and we are still waiting on that review.

The $7.00 co-pay for the doctor, blood test and x-rays. Holy Shit kids, what happens if you have a broken arm and are sitting in the E.R and don’t have any cash on you. They say that well, it’s not free for the doctor and all but what you do you call the MEDICARE LEVY. I thought that was created for the sole purpose of paying for the bulk billing and all. This stupid medical research fund, what is that all about. It’s not going to help MEDICARE, they just don’t want to pay the research grants so, that money can be spent on something else we don’t need.

Do not get me started on the stupid and totally off the wall Paid Parental Leave scheme, that is completely unfair and not wanted. That money should be going into Childcare places not to pay women who make over $50,000 or whatever to have a baby.

There could be better taxes on BANKS and their outrageous profits. It makes me sick to hear that the big banks are making 5 million dollars or more, on a 6 month listing and NOT paying taxes on that. There are many other way to raise capital without daring places like HOLDEN’S to pack up shop and leave out shore. Tell me Mr.Abbott where are all the JOBS you promised???


Go Ahead and bring on that Double Dissolution, for the simple fact is this ……