Just wanted to touch base with you all.

My Aunt Patty passed away a week ago and I must admit I did not take the news well. I know that it was expected and all but still when its someone special, it takes a bit of time to get over.

I know that I need the time to heal but it is also time to get on with life. Get back to work and find that new normal to deal with her passing. I also need to find that strength to help Uncle Bob in his time. We have had some great chats over the years and I cant wait o see him again

The knitting and all is going great. Lots of projects, well too many actually but I am been spending heaps of time getting the small projects over so I can get things back to being more managed. I made my first knitting video for my wool blog yesterday and I am really happy with it. Will certainly keep it going.

Its winter here in Australia and with the cold and wet it’s really hard to get motivated to get positive things going. You get out in the sun during the day and inside as it get cold. I have started to many knitting projects and all, am using the rainy days to play catch up.

The sports stuff is going well. Waiting for Football (gridiron) to start and hoping the White Sox can get out of this funk and claw their way back for a playoff berth at the end of the season.

Back to the knitting needles.

See you soon