Seychelles Flag Carrier
Seychelles Flag Carrier

The place at the top of my bucket list to travel to is a place in the Indian Ocean called the Seychelles. They are officially called the Republic of Seychelles. A 155 island nation that stretches from  archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the capital is Victoria which lies 932 miles east of mainland Southeast Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar.

It is a stunning country with some breath-taking beaches and many islands to explore.

Watching the opening of the Commonwealth Ceremonies today, I was floored to see the Seychelles have a team in the games.

This just makes me even more excited to visit and to read up and learn about the great things that are waiting for me to discover.

I love reading all the tweets that they share, I follow them on Twitter. I can’t wait to go during the Carnival time.

Best of Luck during the games, I cant wait to cheer you on.