10590408_901825103184025_7599927482274232091_nAfternoon Kids

Sorry its been ages since I have been with you. Lots of stuff going on. So, Will try for an overview here to get you caught up.

*Menopause has reared it ugly bloody head. There are days I get up that are great and then other days I am the bitch from hell.  I got up one morning so stiff and actually thought at first it was the flu, but once I did some reading and discovered in a chat with a sorority sister she was having the same issues. since I am adopted I don’t have a reference point on any of this. I can see what a long and lonely road this journey will be.

*Race Walking – its time for the yearly City to Bay and I am going again as usual. Just the 6 kilometers. Walking with a good mate this year. Time will still be on the fore front but finishing will be the big issue.

*College and NFL – starting soon and I cant wait. It’s the time of year I live for . Waiting to see my Buckeyes and, catch up with my Twitter Buckeye family.

*The Book –  is coming along well. Looking like I will get to publish after the NFL season next year. I have about an 8 week break before baseball season starts and I am still on track for that goal to be a reality. I am about half way through the first write and edit. Looking through all the photos is the difficult part.

I am still attending St.Peters Cathedral in Adelaide and busy as a Welcomer. It’s really cold during the Winter but meeting the people is great. Something I look forward to each shift

Hang in  kids,

the warm weather is coming soon