IMG_643230269124007The world has been rocked by the news of the passing of Robin Williams.

Pj and I have been stunned by the news and so have my friends on Facebook and twitter.  Everyone has been touched by this wonderful man who made everyone laugh. Who made us all stop and think and search our souls.

His movie choices are mind-blowing, from the Genie in Aladdin, his Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting, the Professor in Dead Poet’s society.

Behind the scenes was a different man, who struggled with Alcohol abuse and sever depression. Now, that brings a whole new set of questions today. “Why Robin?” is the biggest question. Something I myself and  a lot of people are asking today, how can a wonderful man feel that life is so devastating that taking his own life was the only way. Something was wrong that no one saw, for some reason he was just not able to ask.

Out walking today, my thoughts kept drifting back to asking lots of questions that wont have answers. I have lost other friends to suicide and its the same questions. What did I miss, If only I could have helped in some way, maybe they would still be here today. It is questions that will never have answers but we have to find a way to work through this time, counting on others as we feel we need help.

Today, I made a point to ask everyone if they were OK. I checked on my Sorority Sisters and I was glad I did. We are all devastated by this news. It was good to know, that everyone has checked in. I will leave a note on my Facebook page asking the same. Losing someone who has touched your life in a way you never realized really gives a wake up call, it has even made me realize that my I am lucky in my battle with depression, the worse I have felt is to run and hide from the word. Thank God that I have had wonderful friends and family along the way that have noticed when things were not quiet right and have spoken up and helped me when I was too ashamed to ask.

Looking at Robin’s body of work is a little like looking at my life. Remembering laughing for hours during Mork and Mindy. I can remember watching Dead Poet’s Society in the cinema, everyone in tears at the end of the movie and applauding when it was over. Good Will Hunting was truly worthy of the Oscar, I remember when he won. When he did ” What dreams May Come” I felt it was the stand out piece of his work. If you have not seen it, grab the tissues, it is a soul-searching journey that will change how you look at those who have touched your life.

I could go on and on here but I just wanted to try to put into words how a lot of us are feeling tonight.

If you think that things are not looking great, take a page from Robin and stand on a chair, The view might give you the answer your looking for.