20140822_214419We are finally having fresh wonderful days here in Adelaide. It has been a long winter with many days very hard to deal with.

Menopause starting has really did a number on me and I am still getting my head around what is going on body, mind and soul. For me its a time of soul-searching, doubt and reflection. As much as I hate what my body is doing to me now its just Mother Nature doing what it is supposed to. Just the journey to the other side is hell. Self doubt is a biggie for me on this journey, the “WHY ME” kind of thing. I am exploring ways of making things as easy as possible and as natural as I can.

Someone told me that it is a time to embrace the change and all, that is what I have started to do. I can’t change what is happening but it’s time to embrace it and re-invent myself to a point. Is there any reason I can’t freshen up my look and take better care of myself.  Is that part of the key to getting through all this without driving everyone crazy?

The warmer sunny days are really helping me to want to get out and walk. I have 20 kilos to go for my goal and I am thinking that maybe I need to be out walking a little more. See if I can finally make that goal. There is still a pair of leather pants with my name on them.

I recently had photos taken and I love them, with a professional photographer. It was great to be spoiled and have my make-up and Hair done. I had more people who looked at the pictures and could not believe it was me. I went out the other day with Pj and I actually wanted to put make-up on. and take care of my hair. I got into a mode for the longest time that I was hiding in my sweatshirts and shorts.

I look pretty good and as Pj says, even scrub up nice. I liked how I looked in the pictures and I want to look that way again, might take a little work but I want to look the best I can and feel the best I can.

I take time in the evenings for me, work on a project that I want to do. During the day it is my work time. Yes, I know sounds funny but I do keep office hours. It works for me and I will continue to do it. At then end of the day when the sun goes down, take care of yourself. There is nothing more you can do about the days events. Get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow

Anyway, I hope this made some sense, just take some time to get out there and enjoy your day.

It’s not a bad idea to reinvent yourself, you might actually find something new about yourself, and it is OK to share it with the world.

You just might inspire someone else.