IMG_0018Morning All,

It’s a new era in College Football with the new system for the playoffs for the National Championship starting tonight.

The first game of the season for Boise State against Ole Miss(ranked 18). The game is played at the Georgia Dome. BSU is wearing, orange pants, with white Jerseys and Orange helmets

*First Half

BSU takes the ball for the first series of the game, Grant Hedrick at the helm for BSU this year.

On 4th and 1 the first punt of the game, Ole Miss with the ball for their first series, No return on the punt. 12:52

*Ole Miss – 2 Flags for false start make it 1st and 20. FLAG – late hit out of bounds, makes it first and ten. Bo Wallace at the helm for Ole Miss. 4th and 2, Ole Miss will punt, BSU will start on their own 11 yard line.

*BSU – Jake Row on the end of a 19 yard pick up. FLAG – Off side on the Defense gives BSU the first down. 4th and 12 punting it away. 7:40

*Ole Miss – First pass of the series is picked off,(Ioane for BSU) 7:33

*BSU – with the ball on the 46. FLAG – Delay of game on the offense. Ajayi with a major carry in to Ole Miss terrority. FLAG – Targeting, after the review the Ole Miss player is ejected from the game. 6:25. 1 and goal –  Fumble (under review – BSU keeps the ball) Picked off in the end zone. 4:23

*Ole Miss – FLAG – False start on the offense. Miss is running a no huddle offense. FLAG – False start on the offense. Another false start flag, this one is #5. 3rd and 21 becomes 4th and 1, decide to go for it, FLAG – unsportsmanlike conduct on BSU,series still alive. Forward progress is under review, play stands. TOUCHDOWN 0:57 with the point after it is Ole Miss – 7 and BSU – 0 (9 plays covering 80 yards)

*BSU – on a QB keeper Hedrick got the needed yardage to keep the series alive. Picked off by Ole Miss 14:23 (second quarter)

*Ole Miss was picked off by BSU at the 13:14 of the second quarter

*BSU – 4th and goal, have taken a FLAG – delay of game. talking over options. Field Goal attempt at 21 yards and it is good. at the 7:58 mark of the second quarter it is Ole Miss 7 and BSU 3

*Ole Miss –  will start on their own 20. 4th and 7 will punt, the ball is downed on the 12 yard line.(ole miss punter from Melbourne, Australia)

*BSU is picked off in the third ball of the series. *Ole Miss 5:39 another False Start flag. On 3rd and 17 BSU picks off Ole Miss in the end zone. 4:45 BSU with the ball back, punting on 4th and 1 – FLAG – Illegal block in the back on the return team gives Ole Miss the ball – FLAG – False start half the distance to the goal. Ole Miss punts the ball and BSU will start on their own 6 yard line. BSU takes a knee and that closes the first half of play with Ole Miss in the lead by a score of 7 to 3 over BSU.

**SECOND HALF – BSU kicking off

*Ole Miss – QB sacked on the first play of the series. FLAG – Offside on the Defense. 4th and 1 going for it, the BSU defense holds and get the ball back.

*BSU – FLAG – offside on the defense, 1 and 10 – going for it on 4th and 3, FLAG – delay of game. Punted the ball away 4:35 of the third quarter

*Ole Miss – 4th and 17 will punt the ball, BSU starting on the 31 yard line.

*BSU – 4th and 8 going for a field goal 43 yard attempt is GOOD.1:02 left and it is  Ole Miss – 7 and BSU – 6

*Ole Miss – starting on the 25 yard line, FLAG – holding on the offense. FLAG (14:01 fourth quarter).Pass Interference on Defense, FLAG – false start. Wallace is sacked to make it 2nd and 20. FLAG – offside on the defense. 12:26 TOUCHDOWN. with the extra point, Ole Miss takes their lead to 14 to 6.

*BSU – FLAG – holding on the return. FLAG – False start on the offense. Picked off by Ole Miss. 4th interception of the night thrown by Hedrick.

*Ole Miss – TOUCHDOWN 10:05 of the 4th quarter, with the extra point Ole Miss extends their lead to 21 to 6.

*BSU – FLAG – defense pass interference, QB sack forced a 4th down and punting the ball away. Ole Miss with the ball on the 22 yard line. TIME OUT. on a 76 yard run it’s another TOUCHDOWN, taking the score to 28 and 6 in Ole Miss favor.

*BSU with the ball again after the touchdown at the 7:20 mark of the 4th quarter. Previous play under review – Pass complete at the 24 yard line. (6:03  time) Call reversed, 3rd and 6 at the 40 yard line. going for it on 4th and 2 – get enough yardage to keep the drive alive. 4:26 of the fourth quarter the Broncos finally get in the end zone. With the extra point the score is Ole Miss 28 and BSU – 13 (4:26 in the fourth)

*Ole Miss – BSU time out – TOUCHDOWN – (2:50 left in the game) with the extra point its, 35 to 13 in favor of Ole Miss.

*BSU – Hedrick sacked for a loss, Sacked again for a 4th down and 28. Went for it on 4th and 28 but fell short. with 0:54 left on the clock, Ole Miss will take over, take a knee to protect the lead and run out the clock for the win.

**FINAL – Ole Miss – 35 and Boise State – 13

**Ole Miss – too many delay of game penalties.

**Boise State – the inexperience of the quarterback and his decision-making.