The final game for me today is a Big Ten game between Wisconsin and LSU. This game is being played in Houston.

DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS, this game moves quick for me. It has already taken place but I got it late here in Australia

*First Half

*LSU received the kick off starting on the 15 yard line, On 4th and 5 the punt unit is on. Wisconsin will start on the 24 yard line.

*Wisconsin – TOUCH DOWN – (6 Plays, 75 Yards) with the extra point it is  7 – 0. 9:05 in the first quarter.

*LSU – starting on throw away on  the 27 yard line. 3 and out turns the ball over.

*Wisconsin – QB throws away on 3rd and 6, 51 yard field goal attempt is good. Wisconsin – 10 and LSU is yet to score.

*LSU – 80 TOUCH DOWN run on the 2nd play of the series. Lead has been cut to 10 to 7 still in favor of Wisconsin. 4:47 in the first quarter.

Due to time we have moved to 10:37 in the second quarter. LSU has the ball. FLAG – false start on the offense. Fumble and the Badgers recover. First turn over, Wisconsin starting on the 31 yard line.

*Wisconsin – TOUCH DOWN – 14 yard run ( 5 plays, 31 yards) Wisconsin – 17 and LSU – 7

*LSU – 6:01 in the second – 3 and out, punting unit out. LSU starting on the 41 yard line.

*HALFTIME –  Wisconsin – 17 and LSU – 7

LSU Kicking off and charged with a Delay of game. Wisconsin with the ball. Draw play allows a major field gain down to the 13 for a 63 yard gain. Wisconsin on 4th and 1 get inside the 2 to keep the series alive. TOUCHDOWN (6 plays for 75 yards)

12:24 – Wisconsin  – 24 and LSU – 7.

*LSU – 4th and 2 will punt the ball. Fake punt picks up the needed yardage to keep the drive alive. 44 yard throw makes it 1st and goal. 4th and goal, 25 yard field goal attempt – Delay of game on LSU – re kick, Point after is good, Wisconsin has a 2 touchdown lead 24 to 14.

*Time Jumping again, 6:09 in the third and LSU has the ball again. 2nd and 5. Missed Tackle by the Badgers allows LSU to get the needed yardage to keep the series alive. Field Goal attempt is GOOD *Score LSU – 13 and Wisconsin 24.

*Time Jumping  – Start of the 4th quarter. LSU with the ball at 3rd and 2 make the needed yardage, 27 yard gain on a throw. QB sack for a loss of 11 yards. 3rd and 21 – TOUCH DOWN 12:08, going for a 2 point conversion, its GOOD ( 8 plays covered 59 yards) 12:08 *SCORE – LSU – 21 and Wisconsin – 24

*LSU kicks off and a FLAG on the play.

*Wisconsin – FLAG – Delay of game, LSU pick off the throw at the 11:04 time in the 4th quarter,

*LSU – TOUCH DOWN 9:41 of the 4th quarter. (3 plays covering 53 yards) Extra point is good, *SCORE – Wisconsin – 24 and LSU – 28.

*Wisconsin – on 3rd and 10 pressured throw is picked off. (time 6:30 in the 4th)

*LSU – on 4th and 11 take a delay of game flag and punt the ball.

*Wisconsin – Punts on 4th and 12, LSU take the ball with 1:26 left in the game,

*FINAL SCORE – LSU – 28 and Wisconsin – 24