We are visiting the Florida State(FSU) against Oklahoma State(OSU) game today.

*Osu –  on the opening series, had to punt it away, (they looked OK but you could see the big stage nerves)

*FSU – looking sloppy so far but getting the job done,  FLAG – illegal shift on the offense. ON 4th and 2 they are going for it. Coach changed mind and sent the field goal unit out. 36 yard attempt is good for the early score 8:51 FSU leads 3 – 0 .

*Osu  – fumbled the kick off and is back on their 3 yard line. the first throw of the series and the ball is picked off by FSU and returned for a TOUCHDOWN – 8:37 of the first quarter, Osu is behind 10 to 0

*Osu –  looking better this series. why do you run the slant to the left(as I call it) knowing full well there is a blitz on. 3 and 11 the pass is deflected, time to punt

*Fsu – starting on their own 10, Winston sacked. FLAG – Defense holding. turns the sack and loss into keeping the drive active.4th and 1 punt,

*Osu – returned to the 48 yard line. FLAG – unsportsmanlike conduct pushes them back to the 32 yard line. FLAG – Illegal substitution. After a major pickup of yards it’s a FLAG – on FSU for a hit after the play. On 3rd and 8 it was an under throw, 42 yard field goal attempt is no good to close the first quarter. A 62 yard throw  on the first play of the series will see FSU deep in OSU terrority to close the quarter.

*Second Quarter

*FSU with the ball to open the quarter and in scoring terrority. Starting at the 13 yard line. On 3rd and 10 a bullet through the middle was tipped, stolen by OSU and will start on their own 20.

*Osu – forced to punt, FLAG – 2 flag, illegal block in the back, half the distance to the goal.

*Fsu – Winston is throwing for major chunks of real estate moving the ball well. Touch down, with the extra point at 8:19 in the second the lead is out to 17 – 0

*Osu – time out. FLAG – holding on the defense. TOUCH DOWN – 3:58 in the second. 75 yards in 11 plays. with the extra point its FSU – 17 and OSU – 7

*FSU – Winston sacked, punted away on a 3 and out. OSU with their own 3 and out and have punted the ball back to FSU. 0:29 Winston is picked off.

*Osu – FLAG – Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Defense. Field goal attempt from 37 yards – its GOOD. Score at the close of the half is FSU – 17 and OSU – 10.

*Second Half.

*FSU – Field Goal taking the score to 20 to 10 in FSU favor.

*Osu – a cross route for a 55 yard Touchdown,(3 plays for 76 yards) with the extra point it’s now a Florida State 3 point lead, 20 – 17.

*FSU – 3 and out gives Osu the ball on the 38 yard line. Osu with a three and out giving the ball back.

*FSU – FLAG – holding on the defense. TOUCH DOWN (6 plays 56 yards ) 5:26 Florida State 27 and Oklahoma State – 17

*Osu – starting to move the ball well, keeping it on the ground. punt. FSU with a 3 and out of their own and punt the ball back to Osu.

*Osu – QB draw play gives the Cowboys a TOUCH DOWN – (7 plays covers 75 yards) taking the score back to a 3 point difference. FSU – 27 and Osu – 23.

*FSU – FLAG – false start. 3rd and 26 and the punting unit comes on.

*Osu – FLAG for intentional grounding. makes it 2nd and 24. Can not convert and punt. fumbled punt and FSU have the ball inside the 50 with 7 minutes left. FLAG – Holding on the offense. 3rd and 19 but does not get enough to keep the drive going. ON 4th and 6 a field goal attempt – 37  yard attempt is good, upping the score to FSU – 30 and Osu – 23.

*Osu – everything is falling apart and a fumble turns over the ball, thanks to the defense. *FSU with the ball back, A 50 yard reception give FSU another TOUCH DOWN and all but cements the win, 37 to 24 in Florida State’s favor.

*Osu – running the clock well and eating up large amounts of real estate, TOUCH DOWN (7 plays covering 39 yards) FLAG – False start on the offense. Point after takes it back to a 6 point game. 1:55 left int he game FSU – 37 and Oklahoma State – 31.

*Fsu – 4th and 4, with 0:31 left on the clock, FLAG – Delay of game and the clock runs out.

*Florida State 37 and Oklahoma State – 31

*FSU – I think has discovered it is not going to be as easy as they think it will be defending their National Championship Title. It was my very first look at Oklahoma State and I think they will come good in time, lots of little things that should fix themselves over the season.