I hang out with the best group of ladies on Face book.

The are a very unique group, bringing something special to share, their own view on life and have taught me a thing or two. We are spread out all over the world but that doesn’t seem to matter to us very much. The common thread we have is our view of the Chicago White Sox. We are all baseball mad for the boys, we all have our baseball husbands and our view and knowledge is better than a lot of guys that I know. We joke that if we hit the lottery we would buy the team.

We share in pure silliness and I love that about “my home girls”……hehe. Through a series of events, we were once part of a group that was no longer giving us what we were looking for. I had started our group a little while ago but it sat dormant for a while, so I dusted it off, well, the rest as they say is history.

23274-I-Love-My-SisterWe have an amazing group and I value each and every one of them and I can’t wait to meet them and share our love of the “Boys of Summer” We are also mad football fans but that is where it changes some. I follow the Cowboys/Dolphins, even though I am originally from Ohio. I do blog the Bears for the girls, but only for them.

We celebrate every thing no matter what the occasion, from birthdays to anniversary’s, to new babies and at times we just celebrate hanging out together. We post pictures so everyone feels a part of the event.

We are there for each other during the tough times. No matter how bad things get I know this wonderful group of Sisters are only a keystroke away. We have all had our meltdowns and that is OK, it is a safe place to go and we have what we call the “Vegas Rule”

I cant say enough about my girls and how much they mean to me, they have giving me so much encouragement and helped me to be a better person. Each and everyone one of them are priceless to me.

“Thank You” for love and mate-ship. I am a stronger, more confident woman because of you.

Look out Chicago, here we come and don’t forget the bail money