20140822_214419Life of late keeps throw curves and I have dealt with some well and others not so well. It has taken a lot of personal time to get past things and back where I am finally productive.

I was home this year for the close of the 2014 baseball season. It was a better season than last year,  wont discuss the bullpen as we all know that one. Paul Konerko – what do you say about a gentleman of the game. I never realized how emotionally invested I was until his “Thanks to the Fans” video. It was amazing to spend the weekend with my Sisters on-line. I can’t wait to see them and share a few games at The Cell. Hope Nancy has the bail money ready. Now, its life with out baseball, well at least our boys, Jake is still active, along with AJ in the playoffs.

I am venturing in to the Hockey world this season. I don’t know a thing about the game but since I have become an adopted Chicagoan,  its time I learned. I need to do some reading up on the players and what positions and all. It’s a learn curve.

Football Season has been all over the place. With the one loss of Ohio State, everyone seems to think their season is over. It is still early and all, with the loss of Braxton Miller, the amount of fans who started with the negative crap is really doing my head in, and you call yourself FANS. We played Virginia Tech for the first time, seeing a defense and an offense we have never seen and I am chalking it up to a learning curve. We welcomed Maryland to the Big Ten with a loss and here is hoping that next week and we do the same to Rutgers.

The first book is going well and should be ready on time after the Super Bowl next year. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I am not in this for the money, I just want to write and if what I write helps just one person, then I did my job. I have started a new story and all. It’s a challenge and we will see where it goes.

The crocheting and knitting are going well and I am really surprised about some of the things I have learned. The corner 2 corner blanket that looked difficult I have come to discover that it is relativity simple. I cant wait to make a complete blanket. The Maple Leaf was much easier than expected and I will make more. Thanks to the Crochet Crowd and Red Heart yarn, I have a new love of crocheting. It also helps to rest my knitters shoulder. Lots to crochet and knit and never enough time.

I am trying to find the new normal here, life with out baseball but with football and learning about hockey. In all of this I have made sure to have some “Me” time. I use to never do that, but now I realize how important that is. Just for my well being, it helps the creative juices and all. I feel like really writing again and seeing what is out there. I always have writers brain going  and now its time to see what I can create and just be brilliant.

Here’s the question – How do you deal with life when you get tossed curves?