c2d6884f65d029472122ffeef79d28f5We have gone to Boise, Idaho to visit with the Boise State Broncos against Fresno State. It’s the blue field with the orange uniforms for the Broncos today.

*First quarter – BSU takes the kick off

*BSU – On 4th and 7 punted the ball away for a touch back

*Fresno State – BSU defense held and forced a 3 and out.

*BSU – James Williams Rose with a major run for 49 yards. Ajayi for the touchdown. 5 plays took when 74 yards. 9:14 in the first and BSU takes the lead 7 – 0

*Fresno State – keeping the series going with small movements with the ball. Just tried an option but BSU pulled them down behind the line. BSU Defense is needing to stand up and hold the line here. BSU held on 4th and 11 the field goal unit is on the field. 34 yard try is good, with 5:22 left BSU – 7 and Fresno State – 3

*BSU – Kick off return out to over the 30 yard line. Offense is running their back sides off eating up major yardage. Goodale on the field for a 34 yard try which is good, extending BSU lead to 10 – 3

*Fresno State – First play of the series – 76 yards and its a tie game. 2:32 still in the first and its a 10 all ball game.

*BSU – Special teams caused a fumble but managed to recover. Sperbeck is a sneaky little bloke who can throw the ball, 29 yard play, First flag of the day – False start on the offense, make that 2 flags for the same issue. On 4th down the Field goal unit is on, 40 yard attempt, with 0:17 left in the first, BSU takes the lead back 13 to 10.

*Fresno State – with the ball to open the second quarter. Chain gang out to check spot, first down by inches. Defense holds to force a punt, a short return.

*BSU – Flag – Personal Foul on the Defense, 15 yard penalty for a late hit. Touchdown, with the extra point BSU takes a 10 point lead 20 to 10.

*Fresno State – Flag on 3rd and 9, Offside on BSU – 5 yard penalty makes it 3rd and 4. with 6:01 left before the half, Fresno is forced to punt.

*BSU – its been a seesaw back and forth 3 and out for both sides. The quarter closed with BSU leading 20 to 10 over Fresno State.

*Third quarter

*Fresno State – Flag, touch Down, 2 plays (1 on the ground and 1 in the air) 14:23 in the 3rd. the lead cut to 3, BSU – 20 and Fresno State – 17.

*BSU – 8 plays for 36 yards but a flag, false start makes it 3rd and 6. Touch Down (Williams – Rhodes) 21 yard throw. 12 plays for 62 yards. It was ugly but they got the needed points. Back to a 10 point BSU lead 27 to 17

*Fresno State – Defense with the first sack of the day, 2/8 on third down conversions, makes the connection for the needed yardage. Almost picked off in the end zone by BSU. BSU defense needs to step and shut Fresno down, they are just finding ways to get the job done. Chain Gang out and Fresno has barely gotten the conversion to keep the drive alive. BSU finally gets the stoppage they needed, Field goal is good, and its back to a 7 point BSU lead.

*BSU – What a MISTAKE by the return team, fumble and the Bulldogs have recovered it. Touchdown and with the extra point, Fresno State has tied the score 27 a piece late in their third quarter.

*BSU will take the ball on the 20 yard line. On second and seven, BSU will open the 4th quarter. On 4th and 7, BSU decided to go for it and they made the right choice, keeping the drive alive. The second time on 4th and 1, Ajayi carried for the first down. Trick play works with Kendrick receiving the throw, with the extra point, BSU back int he lead 34 to 27. (17 plays, 2 4th down conversions)

*Fresno State – 3 and out, BSU with the ball and just at 7:00 left in the game.

*BSU – on a three and out punted the ball, 5:33 and counting. Fresno State trying to get something going. Fresno is sacked and on 4th down will have to punt the ball back. BSU is digging away to get one final score to close the game out, BSU will try for a 24 yard field goal,which  was good and its a 10 point BSU lead. 37 to 27 with less than 2 minutes left. Flag – False start. 1:22 picked off by Donte Deayon  and BSU will take a knee to close out the game.

*Final Score – Fresno State 27 and Boise State 37.