20141128_141921 20141128_140849That is how I have felt today.

It is Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, and all I wished for was to be home, sharing a meal and holiday conservation with family and friends at the table.

I heard from my kids and had a couple of messages from adopted family but, I wished for someone to send a picture or a special message today, so I wouldn’t feel so far from home.

Everyone say, well find other yanks who are there and celebrate with them, that is all good and everything but it is still not HOME. There are no decorations, or those special only holiday Mom cooked smells drifting through the house.

No overeating or yelling at the television during the football game. I would give anything to be able to see a Macy’s Parade with all the balloons.

Today, here in Australia, we are dealing with the loss of a cricket player named Phil Hughes. He would have been 26 on Sunday the 30th of November. It was a freak accident, he was hit in the head by a cricket ball.

I know this is the first holidays for those who have lost loved one and I am not in any way making light of that, I understand that hollow feeling and all, I know for those of you dealing with that it is a difficult time.

It has been a lonely and long day, all i wished for was to feel like I was home, even for a few minutes.


Maybe next year someone will remember all of us out here in the world who could use a holiday hug or two.