Thank God for Foxtel. We made the switch so I was able to record a lot of the games over the holidays.

Some of the Bowl games I wanted just the first half, some where interesting and then there was the Bahamas Bowl with Central Michigan and Western Kentucky. The second half was a “What the Hell” as Central Michigan fought their way back but they were not able to get the two point conversion to steal the win.

One of the games that I watched all the way was the New Era Pinstripe Bowl that had Penn State of the Big 10 against Boston College, with identical season records it was going to be interesting. I wanted to see how Penn State would do with everything that the program has been through. IN overtime, Boston College scored to take a 6 point lead but missed the extra point. Penn State held their nerve and got the touch down, just needing the extra point, they got it to sneak in win.

With the new playoffs for the National Championship there is what they call the Pick Six. To make it to one of these is great but you need to be in the ones that are the playoff games. Orange Bowl winner this year was Georgia Tech who looked so strong and was not going to be denied. Fiesta Bowl winner this year was Boise State, Looked amazing in the first quarter and I honestly thought would demolish Arizona but mistakes took it down to the final quarter and the Broncos were able to hold on and win.  Cotton Bowl winner was Michigan State, with a touch down in the dying minutes stole the win from Baylor. Peach Bowl winner was TCU who demolished Ole Miss. Ole Miss handled Alabama their only loss of the season. TCU will be a force to be watching next year.

Getting ready for the Rose Bowl with Florida State and Oregon, hoping that Oregon and get up over FSU. Never have been a fan, and as far as I am concerned their quarterback is not as good as he thinks he is.

Later on it will be Alabama and Ohio State, needless to say it is my Buckeyes to win. We have worked hard and with all the stuff that has been thrown at us, we have become even stronger .

Only time will tell the answer to this question

Who are the first two teams to play for the National Championship in the new era of college football?